PPC Definitions

Written by S. Housley

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Cost Per Thousand (CPM) - The amount an advertiser pays for one thousand advertisement impressions, regardless ofrepparttar consumer's subsequent actions.

Delisting - The removal of a listing as a result of inaction or poor performance.

GeoTargetting - An advertisement targeted at a specific geographical region, area or location.

Impressions - The number of times an advertisement is viewed by web surfers.

Keywords - Search terms or phrases that are related to an advertisement or ad copy.

Landing Page - The specific web page that a visitor ultimately reaches after clicking an advertisement. Often, this page is optimized for a specific keyword term or phrase.

Linking Text - The text that is contained within a link.

Pay Per Click (PPC) - Advertising model in which advertisers pay for click-throughs to their website. Ads are served based on keywords or themes.

Rank - How well a particular web page or web site is listed in a search engine or advertising results.

Return On Investment (ROI) - The percentage of profit that results in a marketing or advertising campaign. Naturally, advertisers wantrepparttar 147194 amount of money made to exceedrepparttar 147195 money spent.

Understandingrepparttar 147196 above terminology will help marketers navigaterepparttar 147197 pay-per-click advertising model, which has emerged onrepparttar 147198 Internet and become one ofrepparttar 147199 leading advertising models inrepparttar 147200 online world.

About the Author: Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll http://www.feedforall.com software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for NotePage http://www.notepage.net a wireless text messaging software company.

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