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Anyway, I picked up this picturesque postcard ofrepparttar blessed ballyhooing buglugs. They look perfectly happy but don’t be deceived. In reality, they’re just a gang of glad-handing grasshoppers. They don’t play golf, eat burgers, or drink beer -- and none can frost a rock! Come to think of it, apart fromrepparttar 127649 company of bugs andrepparttar 127650 elusive flop fairy, this pathetic planet has precious little going for IT!!

To put "IT" bluntly, life on “IT” is just shy of a tittynope*. The jolly green grasshoppers andrepparttar 127651 carefully manicured green fairways with sand traps as far asrepparttar 127652 eye can see certainly make for an utterly harmless world. Regrettably, without a pair of golf clubs, a dimpled white ball, andrepparttar 127653 notion that 19th hole even exists on this planet -- ”IT” is about as fun as bag of toads!

Life Lesson 42: Remember to talk to your travel agent before ever embarking on a flight of fancy to a planet called “IT” in a galaxy named “Have-a-Nice-Day”!!


*"Tittynope" for you whiffling word-peckers means "a small quantity of anything left over".

If you want to know what those green, glad-handing grasshoppers from "IT" look like -- ask any four-year old, or failing that request some help from a Flying Saucer Club member.

Theolonius McTavish is a somewhat spaced-out time-traveller (of minor relevance and importance in the great scheme of things). When not probing odd things happening somewhere in the depths of the universe, he enjoys chinwagging with all manner of merry folk at

How Glow Sticks Work

Written by Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

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glow stickrepparttar activator is released, and mixingrepparttar 127648 components (shakingrepparttar 127649 glow stick) initiatesrepparttar 127650 reaction.  Depending on components used,repparttar 127651 chemical reaction can last (glow sticks can glow) from a few minutes to many hours.  When using glow sticks as party supplies, wait until that last moment to shake them.  Heatingrepparttar 127652 glow sticks(providing extra energy) will speed uprepparttar 127653 reaction, what will result in brighter light but will shortenrepparttar 127654 glow time.  The reaction will slow down in low temperaturesrepparttar 127655 light will dim, butrepparttar 127656 glow time will be longer. For any party theme including Mardi Gras party, Luau Party, Cowboy Hats theme, Character party, Bridal Showers, Super Bowl, Baby Showers, Wedding or a holiday event like Christmas, Hanukkah or Halloween remember to include light sticks and Turn Outrepparttar 127657 Lights!

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