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Research web strategies that can help you meet your objectives: has 4 years of archived newsletters and should too. Through these newsletters or a web strategist you should be able to determine what strategies are available to you that would work best towards meeting your goals.

Compare your strategies with your budget: Just because you need it, doesn't always mean you have to pay top dollar for it (although some bottom dollar options can come with great stress). Just make sure you know your alternatives. *Be forewarned that prices in web tools (including domains, hosting, auto responders and shopping carts) range all acrossrepparttar board. Some things are worth paying for and some things are not. Make a list of 5 options (including FAB's and pricing) for each strategy you need to implement.

Bring this plan to your web designer and ask them if they are qualified to meet your needs: (Make sure you have your list of options (and prices) handy so that you can verify their level of knowledge inrepparttar 131590 areas you need most). Research other designers atrepparttar 131591 same time. Get at least three quotes and take them to someone who knows what they are doing - even if you have to spend money on their feedback - it might be a gigantic favor to you inrepparttar 131592 end.

Now that you are armed with a great plan - your web designer can make room for future strategies that you INTEND to implement and your web marketer (sometimesrepparttar 131593 same person) can ensure that you are optimized torepparttar 131594 max (regularly) forrepparttar 131595 influx of traffic you need to makerepparttar 131596 site WORK for YOU (notrepparttar 131597 reverse)!

Remember, there is NO reason your website shouldn't make you money!

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Use Blogs and RSS Feeds to get your New Sites and Pages Indexed Fast!

Written by Craig Desorcy

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How much time have you wasted in your attempt to increase web traffic to your site? That’s what I thought...too much. I won’t bother to ask how much money you’ve wasted - we’ll try to keep things on a more positive note. You really don’t need to employ an SEO company, or - like Robert - attempt to do it yourself. You can have your site indexed and sending traffic your way today!

Hang on just a second...before you get started, there are a few secrets to making your blogs and RSS feeds more effective. SHHHH...if you can slip keywords fromrepparttar news headlines into your daily blog...nod, nod...your blog will be sure make more appearances aroundrepparttar 131588 world. Now, go make it happen!

*************************************************** For A Complete Step By Step informational guide on how to blog and use rss feeds Click here>

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About Author: Craig Desorcy is an Internet enthusiast who Lives and works in Japan, spending most of his free time onrepparttar 131589 internet running his blog and websites of interest. Craig(at)


Craig Desorcy is an Internet enthusiast who

Lives and works in Japan, spending most of his free time on the internet running his blog and websites of interest.


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