PITCHING YOUR NEWS STORY: Newspapers still first place to start

Written by Barry Forward

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It appears to come down to perception - when we see our company name appear onrepparttar newswire, or on a website we are artificially comforted inrepparttar 124497 belief that we have achieved some tangible results from our news campaign. Our local customers may tell us otherwise, specifically due torepparttar 124498 fact that given their news reading habits they probably missed our news announcement, even though it appeared on www.lookhereformynews.com.

While newspapers still appear to berepparttar 124499 logical first choice for news coverage,repparttar 124500 survey did find thatrepparttar 124501 Internet has passed television inrepparttar 124502 minds of business owners looking to get their news stories covered. There could be several reasons for this includingrepparttar 124503 fact that most of us find it increasingly difficult to find time to sit in front of our television sets forrepparttar 124504 evening news andrepparttar 124505 introduction of instant news alerts and online news centers which are makingrepparttar 124506 currency of television news less attractive.

The newspaper appears to have remained king purely due to its physical nature - it slams into our door inrepparttar 124507 morning, greets us at repparttar 124508 bus stop, fills our bird cages and reminds us we are part of a bigger world as we carry outrepparttar 124509 recycling.

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Getting Ready for a Media Interview

Written by June Campbell

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6. Similarly, resistrepparttar temptations to tell negative stories. If your interviewer asks you to explain "the dumbest question you were ever asked," for example, be very careful to portray your customers in a positive light. You might answer something like, "There really are no dumb questions. Our clients have business needs and we do all we can do address those needs."

7. Consider writing a list of suggested questions or topics to cover. Send this list torepparttar 124496 journalist prior torepparttar 124497 interview. If used, your list will directrepparttar 124498 interview inrepparttar 124499 way you hope. Naturally, prepare your answers to these questions in advance, and be prepared to speak easily on each topic.

8. Be prepared to offer your audience some sort of report, gift or other item -- on autoresponder, faxback or web site. Remember,repparttar 124500 simplerrepparttar 124501 instructions,repparttar 124502 more likely your audience will be to remember it.

9. If your interview will be televised, ask in advance for tips regarding clothing, makeup and accessories. As a rule of thumb, dress appropriately forrepparttar 124503 type of business you are operating. Remember that solid colors are preferred over prints, geometrics, plaids or florals. Accessories that dangle, move, glitter, shine or create noise are inadvisable. If you wear eyeglasses, askrepparttar 124504 camera operator what you can do to reducerepparttar 124505 glare.

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