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Written by Sanjib Ahmad

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* JavaScript Redirects

<script language=javascript> setTimeout("location.href='[some-url]' rel='nofollow'", [time]); </script>

Replace [time] with milliseconds. This will pauserepparttar browser forrepparttar 142820 specified number of seconds. Replace [some-url] withrepparttar 142821 target URL you want to redirect.

For example, setTimeout("location.href='' rel='nofollow'", 5000);

The above JavaScript based redirect can be either inrepparttar 142822 <header></header> or <body></body> region ofrepparttar 142823 HTML code.

Usually a PHP redirect is much more reliable than other form of redirects like HTTP redirect or JavaScript based redirects. For example a JavaScript redirect may not work if a user's browser settings has JavaScript turned off.

The reason why PHP redirects will work no matter what settings users have on their browser is because PHP is server side script. It will not depend on browser settings that may affect JavaScript which is parsed onrepparttar 142824 client-side/user-side.

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How to create a good links directory

Written by Ramona Iftode

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4. Make it simple

This isrepparttar most important thing to have in mind when trying to make your visitors add a site. I have prepared a list of some tips for this “make it simple”:

• Don’t make people create an account just to haverepparttar 142749 site indexed.

Reason: any webmaster knowsrepparttar 142750 SEO work means havingrepparttar 142751 site listed in as many locations as possible. That means having to submitrepparttar 142752 link (personally it’s better that with auto submitters) and you are working with 400 or more directories and search engines. Now imagine having to create accounts in all of them just to place a link! Result: people tend to leave to other places where they don’t have to surpass so many obstacles.

• Don’t ask for too many details

As a webmaster myself I just haterepparttar 142753 directories that ask me for all information possible: age, location, address, shoe number and so on. Keep it simple, again. To index my link you needrepparttar 142754 following:repparttar 142755 URL (you could dorepparttar 142756 rest by yourself withrepparttar 142757 crawler you have on your directory) or some more information: site name, a short description, some keywords (if you really think it’s necessary) and perhapsrepparttar 142758 category in your site you think my site can go. That’s all.

You don’t need my address, phone number, fax and allrepparttar 142759 other info some ask. A very complex submission form can have againrepparttar 142760 result described above: I leave to another place and you lose a link or more.

• Don’t make people have to send an email to submitrepparttar 142761 site

The greatest mistake of all. Making visitors openrepparttar 142762 mail client and sendrepparttar 142763 mail. I don’t think 10% would do this ..repparttar 142764 percentage could be smaller. Provide people with an online form they can fill in 1 minuterepparttar 142765 most and then let them go. Everything that’s more complicated than that means they’ll just leave.

I’ll repeat this again: we have to visit many similar projects and unfortunately many of us are too lazy and occupied to go into too much detail. I usually open 10-15 directories in separate tabs and look for 2-3 seconds on them. I look foe fast, easy and free site submission. Everything that’s paid, too complicated and too detailed as information I need to provide goes, just gets closed and forgotten. In this way I can keep up with my schedule and get fast and good results.

5. The indexing itself

We are atrepparttar 142766 pointrepparttar 142767 submission form has been received and I wait and wait … still nothing. Again .. you need to work this aspect too, if your “clients” have to wait for more than a week. I can understand there are some huge directories that could have such a delay, but we are not all DMOZ. So let’s speed it up a bit. The solution could be a script that can offer yourepparttar 142768 listing to be viewed and validated and 3 important buttons: visit (so that you can go directly to seerepparttar 142769 site), add and delete. This is how it works for me: • I log into my admin account intorepparttar 142770 2 directories I own once or twice a day. • I see “new listings”. • I visitrepparttar 142771 pages listed, takes me 2 seconds to know if it’s OK or not, “add” link when I’m pleased with it and “delete” if I knowrepparttar 142772 site doesn’t belong to my webmaster resources directory orrepparttar 142773 Martial Arts one. It takes me 10 seconds to validate a link. That’s all. I don’t keep people waiting for days or weeks, usuallyrepparttar 142774 site is indexed in a matter of hours. When you cannot cope withrepparttar 142775 crowd anymore, get 3-4 people to help, give them access torepparttar 142776 validation section and you’ll be again fast and reliable.

6. Quality

Whatever you do, seek perfection and quality. Remember these tips, perhaps they will help you. A good looking, very well organized, easy to navigate and use directory will always be successful. That means a lot of traffic, respect from your visitors, some good page impressions and why not, revenue. This article has been created based solely on my own ideas and feelings towards this. I think some hints are very important although we sometimes forgetrepparttar 142777 basic rules of a good directory. Best of luck with your project and may you have many links ...

Ramona Iftode is the administrator of or Webmaster Tips & Tricks. She is a freelance webdesigner and an web development articles publisher.

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