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Your web host could be the reason why you are a sitting duck for a DDos attack

Written by Staff, Web-Host-Search

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The network infrastructure ofrepparttar host you choose is very important if a web master is to ensure that their site is protected. And yet most of this protection does not come cheap. For examplerepparttar 134335 most recent Cisco Ddos protection appliance costs about $200,000. Without this protectionrepparttar 134336 host and his entire network are "sitting ducks" as any Ddos attack on any single site will affectrepparttar 134337 entire network and thus other web sites as well.

This is one ofrepparttar 134338 reasons why it is becoming increasingly important for web masters to be aware of a lot of technical details behindrepparttar 134339 network structure and capabilities ofrepparttar 134340 web host they choose to go with. It is just too risky to leave it all to chance or to baserepparttar 134341 entire reason for choice on a few simple factors like price and number of years in business.

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