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*CARING ATTITUDE: To attract other you have to care about them and when doing so, you set aside your own experience. Be with them in a merry time and hard times. *BOOST THEIR EGO: The ego, beingrepparttar essence of our personalities, is sacred to us. In every person there is a strong wish of self-importance. If you deflate anybody ego, means that you don’t respect him or her. And you will be showing high esteem to him or her by elevating his or her feeling of person worth. *TALKING ABOUT ONE SELF-: Avoid talking about yourself, keeping yourself as a true reference. Because people who talk too much of themselves rarely laugh of themselves; since they are so worried aboutrepparttar 132638 impressive they are creating. Such people are neither honest nor attentive. *INTERESTING PERSON: People would like to be with you and get something of stimulating value from their association with you by cultivating yourselfrepparttar 132639 quality of being interesting. Holding other attention is of much value. *FLEXIBILITY: Willingness to change is of more importance in order to get people like you. If you are not a comfortable type, it is necessary to study your personality with a view to remove aware and unaware elements of strains which yourself and make changes to build satisfactory relationship. This can only happen if you are ready to make efforts. *HELPING HAND: Have a helping hand. If you have something to give people that will help them to be stronger and meet life more effectively, then give it. But do not expect return; don’t give it as bribery or like most politicians who give it for vote! Give yourself an effective change according to this simple technique and you will get people to like you since one ofrepparttar 132640 deepest need of human beings isrepparttar 132641 desire to be appreciated.



Written by ARTHUR ZULU

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Herein liesrepparttar danger. And there are plenty of these terrorist groups to contend with -- Basques in Spain, Catholics in Ulster, Huks inrepparttar 132637 Philippines, Aum Shinrikyo in Japan, andrepparttar 132638 Al - Qeada network in Afghanistan. And if you want to sample more esoteric names of these killer groups, you may only have to hop around Palestine, or some Middle East lands. In fact, there are thousands of terrorist groups all overrepparttar 132639 world competing for media attention.

So if you have a mission to wipe out terrorists, you are in for a long haul. Those car bombers, suicide bombers, shoe bombers, and tower destroyers may well turn out to berepparttar 132640 precursors of a greater catastrophe yet to come.

Terrorism has introduced a new field of study to occupy our academics and scientists forrepparttar 132641 rest of their lives. This new discipline includes topics like agroterrorism, bioterrorism, ecoterrorism, cyberterrorism, chemical terrorism, and nuclear terrorism. And more is to come.

Now suppose these terrorists break downrepparttar 132642 whole computer systems inrepparttar 132643 world. Or what would happen if they poisonrepparttar 132644 air and water source with a deadly gas? Or what happens if they unleash a plague on man and beast! Or what will be our fate if they detonate a nuclear bomb? Curtains for civilization!

Let it be known that there is no power on earth to wipe out terrorism. Let us instead addressrepparttar 132645 political, economic, social and religious problems which breed terrorism. This may save us fromrepparttar 132646 coming untold destruction ofrepparttar 132647 world byrepparttar 132648 terrorists.

“Where were you whenrepparttar 132649 world stopped turning?” isrepparttar 132650 lyric of a song by a musician in remembrance ofrepparttar 132651 collapsed Twin Towers. Dancers took torepparttar 132652 dance floors, andrepparttar 132653 song went to toprepparttar 132654 music chart show. That was good.

But byrepparttar 132655 timerepparttar 132656 terrorists actually prepare forrepparttar 132657 show - down, there will be no musicians and dancers to celebraterepparttar 132658 world’s end. That would really berepparttar 132659 time whenrepparttar 132660 world would stop turning!

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ARTHUR ZULU, The Most Controversial Writer in the World, is the author of the best - selling book, HOW TO WRITE A BEST-SELLER.

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