PDA vs Laptops

Written by Ian Tham

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Of course,repparttar laptop wins in several aspects.

  • Typing or data entry is more difficult and slower with a pda compared with a larger keyboard for a laptop.
  • The specs are more powerful .
  • The processors , memory and storage are much better in a laptop enabling you to work with greater efficiency and speed. 
  • It is easier to view your work on a much larger screen on a laptop.
  • You can watch DVD movies, do video editing
  • Even laptops are fighting off this new competition by becoming smaller and lighter.
  • Lastly, you can do slideshow presentation with a laptop.

So, you need to weighrepparttar 149894 cost and benefits of both laptops and PDA. For day to day activities a PDA should work just fine!

The writer is the webmaster of Laptop Computers

XBOX 360 vs. PS3: an in depth look

Written by Tony James

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Media Type: Since PS3 is owned by Sony and BLUray is Sony’s next high definition storage medium,repparttar PS3 games will be stored onrepparttar 149732 BLUray discs which hold approximately 54 gigs. The Xbox 360 games will be stored on Double Layer DVDs which store 9 gigs. Obviouslyrepparttar 149733 BLUray discs can store a lot more data, but atrepparttar 149734 current stage of game development, any game developed will fit just as well onrepparttar 149735 9 gig DVDs, so this is not a major factor but one that may come into play later on.

Games: When considering games, you have to look atrepparttar 149736 XBOX andrepparttar 149737 PS2. The XBOX is very popular inrepparttar 149738 US and has a few great franchise games such as Halo, butrepparttar 149739 PS2 has an international reach and several popular game franchises such as Gran Tourismo thatrepparttar 149740 XBOX has yet to beat. The XBOX 360 will need to appeal to foreign game developers and consumers to compete withrepparttar 149741 PS3. Only time will which console will haverepparttar 149742 quality of games which all of us are been expecting

Controllers: The controllers onrepparttar 149743 two systems retainrepparttar 149744 basic shape fromrepparttar 149745 original systems with some modifications. The PS3 controller hasrepparttar 149746 most dramatic change; it has a streamline shape that looks more like a stealth airplane than a game controller. The XBOX controller is basicallyrepparttar 149747 same shape asrepparttar 149748 previous system with a different color scheme. Fromrepparttar 149749 pictures released, it seemsrepparttar 149750 XBOX controller will be more comfortable and natural to use. The PS3 controller looks like it would just slip out of your hand but we will not know howrepparttar 149751 controllers feel during actual gameplay until we get our hands on them.

Tony James is an author and webmaster. He currently runs the website Freeware Games.net

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