PC Doctor+ Guide 20 How To Make Money From Your Web Site (Part 3) Affiliates

Written by Steve Latimer

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Select Your Advertisements Once accepted you can scan throughrepparttar available graphics and choose which you think isrepparttar 102385 most appropriate. This will generaterepparttar 102386 HTML code which you can paste and copy intorepparttar 102387 main body text of your site. If you are using FrontPage or Dreamweaver then you can insertrepparttar 102388 HTML into your WYSIWYG view directly which makes positioning easier. The graphics incorporate links either to an advertisers home page or to a particular product page. An advertiser may have several advertisements leading to different product areas of their site. Normally,repparttar 102389 code you have inserted will pick uprepparttar 102390 actual graphic fromrepparttar 102391 advertisers server each timerepparttar 102392 page is loaded. This allowsrepparttar 102393 advertiser to changerepparttar 102394 graphic keeping it fresh and up to date without any site administration on your part. Other facilities available include: Deep Linking which allows you to create a link direct to a specific page that you choose on an advertiser’s web site. Dynamic Content which allows you to generate whole pages of products from an advertiser. I suggest you leave it a while before getting into deep linking or dynamic content. A case of walk don't run. What About Payment - How Does It Work? Each advertiser defines their own payment scheme. These can vary and can be one or any combination ofrepparttar 102395 following: The Advertiser..... Pays an amount for each 'lead' -repparttar 102396 definition of which varies withrepparttar 102397 company Pays a further, usually more generous amount for an actual sale Pays if a visitor signs up to a web site or a newsletter fromrepparttar 102398 company. May pay for each click made on their advertisements (very few do.) Commission levels themselves can also vary with higher sales leading to higher commission levels - not unlikerepparttar 102399 tiered commission rates offered to retail staff. Who's keeping Track Of All This? The HTML code you generate for each advertisement includes your own affiliate reference code. This reference code allowsrepparttar 102400 Affiliate Company andrepparttar 102401 advertiser to track sales activity from your site and isrepparttar 102402 method by which commission is calculated. Cookies and Cookie Length So suppose a visitor to your site sees an advertisement for an item which gets him thinking about purchasingrepparttar 102403 product. He clicks onrepparttar 102404 advertisement and has a good look atrepparttar 102405 product but chooses not to go ahead and buy it there and then - maybe atrepparttar 102406 end ofrepparttar 102407 month when he gets paid. Comerepparttar 102408 end ofrepparttar 102409 month he goes direct torepparttar 102410 advertisers own site and buysrepparttar 102411 product. Haven't you lost your commission? Not necessarily. Advertisers operate a cookie system. When a visitor clicks on an advertisement on your site a cookie is placed on his machine registering that he has visited their site on a certain date as a direct result of clicking on an advertisement on your page. The cookie has a 'cookie length' which means ifrepparttar 102412 user revisitsrepparttar 102413 advertisers site withinrepparttar 102414 cooking length period then any purchases he makes are still credited to you and will still earn you commission. Cookie lengths vary and are typically 30 or 90 days but I have seen a cookie length of 999 days! Ifrepparttar 102415 user has cookies turned off completely or is inrepparttar 102416 habit of deleting cookies then you lose out. As mentioned, being UK based I have concentrated on Affiliate Companies where a UK bias to advertisements is at least possible. I have selected five Affiliate Companies for you to have a look at but there are many others available. I've restricted myself to these five because I have been sufficiently impressed with their on-line help facilities andrepparttar 102417 overall efficiency of their operation to feel comfortable about recommending them.

Browse across to http://www.arrival-computers.co.uk/pcd20_2.htm to view my recommendations. A few final points about affiliates It's very easy to go mad with affiliate adverts. You may think your site looks cool but a visitor might just see a site full of adverts and leave immediately. Remember to place your ads in context - you'll be more successful The revenue you earn from any advertisements is directly proportional torepparttar 102418 number of visitors you receive. Do not forget that content is king - work on it.

Steve Latimer is Systems Manager with Arrival Computers. (http://www.arrival-computers.co.uk)PC Doctor+ Guides may be reproduced and used as additional content on web sites in return for a link back to the Arrival Computers site.

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