Overview of Cozumel In Mexico

Written by Clint Leung

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Most ofrepparttar hotels and resorts are south of San Miguel and are not within walking distance. However, there are numerous white taxicabs that are readily available. The larger and more luxurious resorts tend to be even further south of town alongrepparttar 139642 southwestern shores. This is actually not surprising since most ofrepparttar 139643 best scuba diving sites are southwest ofrepparttar 139644 island. An easy way to seerepparttar 139645 33 mile (53 km) by 9 mile (14 km) island is by renting a scooter or a 4x4. I once rented a scooter and zigzagged along most of San Miguel's streets to seerepparttar 139646 neighborhoods. Then I went onrepparttar 139647 main road leaving town and went south. After passing byrepparttar 139648 larger resorts and going aroundrepparttar 139649 southern tip ofrepparttar 139650 island, I foundrepparttar 139651 beaches alongrepparttar 139652 southeastern shores. The shores near San Miguel alongrepparttar 139653 crowded west coast are not known for beaches butrepparttar 139654 southeast part here have some really spectacular ones. Even better is that there is very little traffic here sorepparttar 139655 beaches are pretty quiet. Sometimes people can park their scooters and enjoy a beach all for themselves. There are a few stops with refreshments and more souvenirs at prices even better than in San Miguel. After traveling north again, there is a road about halfway uprepparttar 139656 island that goes across and takes you back to San Miguel enteringrepparttar 139657 town's east side. My scooter tour ofrepparttar 139658 island took just over 2 hours and cost $25 US forrepparttar 139659 rental. Cozumel has several ancient Mayan ruins but they are not nearly as large or spectacular asrepparttar 139660 ones onrepparttar 139661 mainland. After seeing some photos of them in advance of my trip, I didn't even bother to seerepparttar 139662 ruins.

Cozumel is a nice port of call for cruise ships as there are many shopping opportunities. Passengers who scuba dive or snorkel can easily book directly withrepparttar 139663 many dive shops in San Miguel without going through their cruise ships which will cost much more. For cruise ship tourists who do not intend to do any water sports and have some time after shopping, it is highly recommended to rent a scooter or 4x4 to tourrepparttar 139664 island. This is also a nice way to spendrepparttar 139665 last day of a scuba dive vacation in Cozumel.

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African experiences in the wild

Written by Dirk Wessels

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Leopards inrepparttar dark

While living in Johannesburg I decided one Saturday morning that I needed to get away fromrepparttar 139596 city and headed off torepparttar 139597 Krugersdorp nature reserve. Arrived there and foundrepparttar 139598 campsite inrepparttar 139599 middle ofrepparttar 139600 reserve surrounded by a fence on every side. At reception I asked if I can set up my tent somewhere forrepparttar 139601 night and I guess I should have noticed thatrepparttar 139602 receptionist was surprised about me wanting to sleep in a tent, but she didn’t say much about it. Drove aroundrepparttar 139603 camp and, though there were quite a few caravans and people around, I was surprised to find what I thought wasrepparttar 139604 spot withrepparttar 139605 best view unoccupied. So, I set up my tent and went for a drive aroundrepparttar 139606 reserve. An ostrich attackedrepparttar 139607 side mirror of my car and I saw a couple of rhinos, but forrepparttar 139608 rest nothing too scary. When I got back torepparttar 139609 camp I found a whole crowd of people standing aroundrepparttar 139610 fence in front of my tent, so I asked one of them what was going on. As soon as he found out it was my tent, he piped out “Hey, here’srepparttar 139611 guy sleeping inrepparttar 139612 tent!!”. A couple of guys came up to shake my hand, showed merepparttar 139613 leopards not too far away that everyone was looking at and also mentioned that I must have a serious set of brass hanging to be sleeping in a tent right in front ofrepparttar 139614 only “spot” whererepparttar 139615 fence had been broken down. Well, pride got inrepparttar 139616 way and I decided not to pack up my tent and go home. But, I did decide that now was a good time for a couple of beers. That night I couldn’t sleep and I was convinced that every sound I heard was a leopard sniffing around my tent, but I’m brave and stupid and everything was fine until I heard a really loud shuffling inrepparttar 139617 trees close to my tent. I lay dead still for a moment and quietly grabbed my keys in one hand. Heardrepparttar 139618 shuffling a second time and my brass simply wasn’t big enough. I jumped up, completely destroyed my tent in trying openrepparttar 139619 zip and ran out shouting atrepparttar 139620 top of my voice intorepparttar 139621 bush. I’m sure I could scare away any leopard, rhino or ghost lurking around, but only long enough to open my car and jump in. As uncomfortable as it was for a somewhat large, 6”2 male to sleep inrepparttar 139622 front seat of my Opel Record, there was no way I was returning torepparttar 139623 tent. Anyway,repparttar 139624 next morning atrepparttar 139625 swimming pool I heard a guy asking his buddies whether they heard that scream duringrepparttar 139626 night, but err, I just packed up my tent and disappeared quietly.

Having written these two stories, they now don’t seem all that interesting in print as it’s hard for reality to compete with Hollywood. However, I am just an ordinary city-dweller that happens to loverepparttar 139627 outdoors without knowing too much about animals andrepparttar 139628 wild. A blou wildebeest may not seem scary until you’re standing a couple of meters from it with nobody else around and you realize exactly how big those things really are.

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Dirk Wessels is a keen traveller and outdoor enthusiast and is also the web designer for Oyster Bay Lodge. You may freely use this article on condition that you keep an active link to African holiday desitination

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