Overland with the Independent Adventure Truck

Written by Gregory Hudson

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The previously mentioned feature is “The Beach” and it'srepparttar undisputed highlight ofrepparttar 142996 Overland Vehicle. It enables several people to sit onrepparttar 142997 roof while giving themrepparttar 142998 thrill of a 360° panoramic view. To be up and out inrepparttar 142999 open on an African or Middle Eastern tour isrepparttar 143000 closest you'll ever get to dreaming with your eyes wide open.

Other features you'll notice while rambling through desert climates and overrepparttar 143001 African savannah:

The convenient under-seat storage spaces that are excellent for storing your backpack and providing easy access, even while driving.

Side and rear roll-up windows, (if you're having a bad hair day) provide extensive views from insiderepparttar 143002 vehicle and can be rolled down for protection in case of an emergency. Holiday snaps are so much easier without a bug in your eye.

Large water, fuel and food carrying capacities (no explanation required).

Onboard truck safe and library, overhead lockers, cassette stereo and a professionally-compiled medical kit (we never lockrepparttar 143003 medical kit inrepparttar 143004 safe).

Comprehensive range of spare truck parts and tools.

Spacious two-person tents with built-in ground sheets and mosquito netting, gas cookers, cooking gear and cutlery, cooler boxes, tables, camp stools and all-weather awnings (for cooking and shade).

All overland expedition trucks for our Africa and Middle East tours are equipped with sand mats and, where necessary, tyre chains and winches (you'll find out why, when you get there).

Oasis Overland Adventure Travel has considerable knowledge and experience travelling throughout Africa, the Middle East and South America. They have a passion and enthusiasm for their work and for the countries and places that they visit.

Dude Ranch Tourism

Written by Dani Martin

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cowboy life, withrepparttar opportunity to help withrepparttar 142995 chores required forrepparttar 142996 daily operation ofrepparttar 142997 ranch. Dude Ranches have also evolved withrepparttar 142998 times, and many boast every modern amenity one can imagine. Horseback riding is offered for all skill levels, and lessons are almost always available. Although it varies from ranch to ranch, numerous other activities, such as swimming, fishing, hiking, square dances and campfires are usually offered. There are, of course, more modern reasons to spend time at a Dude Ranch. Withoutrepparttar 142999 neon lights ofrepparttar 143000 city, you can seerepparttar 143001 stars at night. Withoutrepparttar 143002 noise ofrepparttar 143003 highway, you can hearrepparttar 143004 crickets and birds. And when you’re sitting atop your horse, you can look around and see land that stretches for miles, without a mini-mall or condominium complex to obscurerepparttar 143005 view.

www. e-DudeRanch.com is a comprehensive guide to dude ranches in the USA, providing information on popular dude ranch tourist destinations as well as dude ranch employment opportunities. E-DudeRanch.com presents an accessible interface where users can determine what type of dude ranch experience would be best for them.

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