Overeating during the Holidays

Written by Ryan Cote

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Get a piece of paper and write downrepparttar following phrase:

"I, (your name), promise myself that forrepparttar 135396 next two weeks I will workout extra hard to burn off my extra Holiday calories."

Now tape this piece of paper somewhere where you will see it often. It may sound corny, but seeing it constantly will help motivate you. Try it!

So now you've enjoyedrepparttar 135397 delicious Holiday food and, atrepparttar 135398 same time, eliminatedrepparttar 135399 problems ofrepparttar 135400 extra calories.

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The Ultimate Weight Loss Red-Flag Guide

Written by Liz Guzzo, MS, RD., Mari Kudla

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If They Say ... “The Super Fat-Fighting Formula inhibits fats, sugars and starches from being absorbed inrepparttar intestines and turning into excess weight, so that you can lose pounds and inches easily.” “These diet pills block fat before your body absorbs it;repparttar 135362 pounds will melt away effortlessly.”

Sorry, But The Truth Is ... Red Flag Claim 3 --

Blockrepparttar 135363 absorption of fat or calories, and lose substantial weight.

The Truth -- No fat blocker or diet pills can block enough fat or calories to cause lots of weight loss. Evenrepparttar 135364 very few legitimate fat blockers must be used with a reduced-calorie diet to work.

If They Say ... "Got a little extra baggage in your belly... thighs... buttocks? Here'srepparttar 135365 only sure way to trimrepparttar 135366 fat in those "trouble spots."

"We once thought a diet couldn't target fat in specific areas ofrepparttar 135367 body. Butrepparttar 135368 "xxx diet" changes that and proves that you can."

Sorry, But The Thruth Is .. Red Flag Claim 4 --

You Can't Spot Reduce -- Period!

The Truth -- You absolutely can't tell your body where it will lose weight and shed pounds (spot reducing). The notion of a food or diet tricky enough to burn fat in specific areas is flat out ridiculous. You can "build up" specific areas in your body thru weight training, but losing weight in specific areas that you may want to improve is simply NOT possible.

If They Say ... "But I have lost 6 poundsrepparttar 135369 very first week on this new low card diet..."

"I lost 11 poundsrepparttar 135370 first 2 weeks on this diet."

"Lose 13 pounds in 2 weeks with this brand new diet -- Guaranteed!"

Sorry, But The Truth Is ... Red-Flag Claim 5 -- Water Weight, Water Weight, and More Water Weight --

The Truth -- Glycogen, your primary source for energy, attracts water. Your muscles are mostly made up of water. When you limit your carbohydrate intake, you hold onto less glycogen. Therefore,repparttar 135371 initial weight loss you experience is due to water loss from your muscles. This can account for 4-10 pounds inrepparttar 135372 first week. Rapid water loss isrepparttar 135373 trick behind these diets. They make it appear quick and easy, while in reality it is a temporary solution.

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