Overcoming the most Frustrating Situation on eBay

Written by Carolyn Schweitzer

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OK, so now that we all understandrepparttar benefits of sniping, lets get back to our friend "speedyfingers147". Speedy probably started out in life just like I did. She learned everything she knew about eBay from eBay and never realized there was such a thing as bidding software. Never knew a computer could do your sniping automatically, bid on your behalf inrepparttar 116148 last 2 to 8 seconds of an auction, and do it while you're asleep. With sniping software, you tellrepparttar 116149 software program which auctions you're interested in and how much you're willing to pay. EBay never knows you've seenrepparttar 116150 auction until your friendly sniping service swoops in and places your bid with only seconds to spare. Neither does your competition. They never see you coming. The only way you can lose is if someone else usesrepparttar 116151 same program sets their maximum bid higher than yours.

Yes, my friend, you can still lose. There is no guarantee of winning an auction no matter what system you use, if someone else is willing to pay more. If you set your maximum bid at a million dollars for a hunk of Elvis' belly button lint and some nut is willing to pay a million ten, you're still going to lose! But, there's something about losing that's good forrepparttar 116152 soul. It'srepparttar 116153 satisfaction of knowing that you didn't lose your head and spend more than you could afford!! Trust me, I've been there, done that, and come to regret it. With sniping programs, you can "set it and forget it" and walk away knowing that if you don't win, you couldn't have afforded it anyway.

What's that I hear you saying? "But I could have had it if I'd just upped my bid by another fifty cents!" Hey, did you listen to anything I just said? Do you want to drive yourself nuts? It's only stuff, after all. You can't take it with you, and there will always be more. The beauty of eBay is that there will probably be another just like it, or at least something just as fabulous.

Speaking of which, there's another big advantage to using bidding software. Two things, actually. (again). First, on eBay, it's a huge no-no to retract a bid. You can only do this underrepparttar 116154 most dire of circumstances and if you do it too many times you'll be politely asked to leave. Permanently. Second, sniping programs allow you to do something called "contingency bidding". Suppose you're interested in several very similar items and you want to win at least one of them but not all. Provided they're not all ending atrepparttar 116155 same time, you can create a contingency plan tellingrepparttar 116156 bidding software to cancel your bids onrepparttar 116157 other items as soon as you win one of them.

In all cases, you can change your mind about an item you're bidding on at any time (except in approximatelyrepparttar 116158 last 15 minutes) because eBay doesn't register your bid untilrepparttar 116159 Sniping program enters it for you, atrepparttar 116160 very end ofrepparttar 116161 auction. Isn't that nice? No more "watching" an auction you're unsure about, and then forgetting to bid on it. No more finding out you've readrepparttar 116162 description wrong and you're bidding on an item you don't want. No more finding something you like better after you've already committed yourself to another item, and having to pass on it. Or worse, spending way too much on both!

There are several sniping programs out there. My personal favorite is PowerSnipe, at www.PowerSnipe.com?af=netbrainer , because their "Auto Search" feature makesrepparttar 116163 bidding process even easier by allowing you to browse auctions throughrepparttar 116164 programís built in web browser. You can check out competitors with a simple search in Google.

Take a no-risk tour throughrepparttar 116165 Power Sniping program with their trial version. Believe me,repparttar 116166 first time you snatch an item away from Speedyfingers147--or anyone else for that matter--you'll be hooked.

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Then you haverepparttar collectors that long forrepparttar 116147 "good old days", when families would gather aroundrepparttar 116148 piano inrepparttar 116149 family room, and singrepparttar 116150 favorites ofrepparttar 116151 time. Jazz and swing numbers, as well as waltzes are quite popular, especially if they have a photo ofrepparttar 116152 artist that featuredrepparttar 116153 song in a recording onrepparttar 116154 front cover.

I collect sheet music for allrepparttar 116155 reasons I have just discussed. The memories,repparttar 116156 history ofrepparttar 116157 writers and musicians,repparttar 116158 period of historyrepparttar 116159 songs represent, and of courserepparttar 116160 artwork onrepparttar 116161 covers are all an obsession with me!

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