Overcoming Your Cyberspace Fears:

Written by Marc McDonald

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Building a successful Web site doesn't necessarily have to involve any complex, specialized skills. Rather, it involves a series of repetitive (and admittedly sometimes tedious) steps, over and over again. It's a task that any determined and focused person can achieve.

Incidentally, HTML (the coding used to create sites) is really not hard to master. And in any case, there are many Web editing programs around that will writerepparttar coding for you.

3. "Sincerepparttar 119066 IPO pipeline dried up, I'm don't think I'll ever get a shot at becoming a Dot Com millionaire."

Reality: this widespread fear, of course, is grounded in bursting ofrepparttar 119067 Dot Com stock bubble overrepparttar 119068 past year. But consider this fact: somewhere out there inrepparttar 119069 vast world of cyberspace is a person who only today started up his first Web site. Five years from now, that person will be a millionaire. Will that person be you? Odds are, no. Butrepparttar 119070 fact is,repparttar 119071 Web remains a wonderful opportunity to earn a living. If you're only looking to get rich, you have an unrealistic view. But if you work hard and you have an intelligent business plan, you will most likely succeed.

The best possible outcome, is of course, cashing in your stock options someday in a successful IPO. But barring that, it's still hugely satisfying to simply earn a comfortable living from your Web site.

I've known a number of people who were able to quit their day jobs. They now earn a living fromrepparttar 119072 Web. They aren't rich, but they ARE happy. They workrepparttar 119073 hours that they choose to work. They don't have to get up at 7 a.m. and fight rush hour traffic torepparttar 119074 office. And they know that they arerepparttar 119075 sole beneficiary ofrepparttar 119076 hours that they work...not some corporate employer. The fact is, working under these conditions is vastly more satisfying than a day job. In fact, you'll find that you can put in 12-hour days and not feel burned out at all---because it's all for you. And it's a quite reasonable goal to aspire toward.

The reality is that, althoughrepparttar 119077 Dot Com bubble has collapsed,repparttar 119078 dream remains alive and well for many thousands of Webmasters.

If you have a Web site, or are thinking of starting one, then be prepared to work hard to meetrepparttar 119079 many challenges you'll face. And you should know atrepparttar 119080 outset that it's counter-productive to have unreasonable expectations. But, onrepparttar 119081 other hand, you shouldn't burden yourself with unreasonable and exaggerated fears and anxieties that simply aren't grounded in reality.

Marc McDonald is a former journalist and editor with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and the creator of FreebieDirectory.com as well as several other popular Web sites that have received extensive media exposure from CNN's "Headline News," the BBC, Fox News, ZDTV, CBS Radio, the Washington Post, and many more. Visit the FreebieDirectory at: http://www.freebiedirectory.com and AAAScreenSavers at: http://www.aaascreensavers.com.

Speed Kills on the Web!

Written by Lee Traupel

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2) Take time to really evaluate business opportunities, don't just blast through relationships, meetings or assessments many times you can build viable partnerships by sitting down and taking a hard look at how third parties complement your business and vica versa.

3) Userepparttar web for what's its really meant for as a highway for communications and commerce, its notrepparttar 119065 "saving grace" its been touted to be by many companies; 87% of Internet users today utilizerepparttar 119066 web to research goods and services.

4) Make time to look at your competitors, whether they are acrossrepparttar 119067 road or onrepparttar 119068 other side ofrepparttar 119069 world repparttar 119070 web has created a commerce model where a competitor is just a click away; so carefully analyze what your competitors are doing.

5) Communicate with your customers and partners it doesn't do much good to build a beautiful web site that does not make it easy for people to contact your company. I've seen hundreds of web sitesrepparttar 119071 last year that don't have e-mail contacts or phone numbers listed prominently take/make time to build a site that lets people communicate with you.

6) Hire people with some gray hairs they may not flashrepparttar 119072 latest PDA at you or wearrepparttar 119073 latest trendy clothes, but many of them have years of experience building companies slowly and carefully, by paying attention to business fundamentals. I've got nothing against youth, but it seems like many over 40-somethings got left by repparttar 119074 wayside inrepparttar 119075 .com mania and torepparttar 119076 detriment of many companies.

7) Think small when your building a business,repparttar 119077 billion dollar days are gone with last year's PR hyperbole. I get no royalties from E.F. Shumacher, but I really think his "Small is Beautiful As if People Mattered" is a wonderful book andrepparttar 119078 forward is done by Paul Hawken, a brilliant serial entrepreneur, well known for his landmark PBS (Public Broadcasting Service for global readers) series on "Growing a Business" that inspired many of us to takerepparttar 119079 entrepreneurial plunge.

Lee Traupel has 20 plus years of marketing experience He is the co-founder of a Northern California and Brussels Belgium based, privately held, Marketing Services and Software Company, Intelective Communications, Inc. http://www.intelective.com Intelective focuses exclusively on providing services to small to medium sized companies that need strategic and tactical marketing services. He can be reached at Lee@intelective.com

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