Overcoming Writers Block

Written by Richard Lowe

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It really doesn't matter what I write, although I usually write aboutrepparttar internet or computers. But occasionally I write other things, including pages for my autobiography or even a love letter torepparttar 129394 wife.

Put aside time to write - I have set aside "writing time", two hours every single night, in which I isolate myself in my office at home and write my heart out. My wife respects my introversion during this time as it allows me to do one ofrepparttar 129395 things that I loverepparttar 129396 most: communicate ideas in written form.

Fill in any missing blanks - If I find that I am having trouble explaining something in writing orrepparttar 129397 words just don't flow, I look around and see if there is something about it that I do not fully understand. That often works.

Ignorerepparttar 129398 idiots ofrepparttar 129399 world - There sure seem to be a lot of jerks sometimes. However, I don't need to allow some babbling idiots ruin my writing. Just because someone does not like something does not mean anything except they didn't like it...

I do not ask for criticism - I never ask anyone to criticize my works, ever. I do not ask for site reviews of my websites, I don't submit my works for review. Why not? I am not interested in other people's silly opinions about my works. I know I am a good writer, a excellent webmaster and a great manager. I don't need anyone to tell me how good I am, and I certainly don't need anyone to point out my faults.

Changing styles - If I have trouble starting a piece and I'm sure I understand what I'm writing about, I often changerepparttar 129400 style. I usually write in a very conversational tone, which seems to communicate well to people. However, I will occasionally change to humorous or very serious or whatever. I've found these changes tend to blow away writers block like dynamite.


No matter whatrepparttar 129401 cause, writer's block is something that can be handled and overcome. It's actually not complicated at all. In fact,repparttar 129402 best way to deal withrepparttar 129403 syndrome isrepparttar 129404 simplest - just start writing and keep writing, no matter what happens. Write your heart out and before long you will be writing like crazy.

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To Write Your Own Copy or Not to Write Your Own Copy - That is the Question

Written by Jenny Bosworth

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Your copy should appeal to one or more ofrepparttar buyer's basic needs: love, acceptance, security, recognition, attractiveness, health, sex appeal, happiness, fulfillment, etc...

Don't make buyers dorepparttar 129392 work of figuring out what benefit your product or service offers. Most people devote only a fraction of their mind to marketing and advertising. They won't put forthrepparttar 129393 effort of discerning what's in it for them. You have to do that for them.

5. Use Active Verbs - I will keep this short as I don't want to cause any high school English flashbacks. Your copy should motivate people to take action, therefore, you need to stick with action verbs as much as possible.

Here are two sentences, one using an active verb and one using a passive verb:

"Johnny was knocked torepparttar 129394 floor when he was punched inrepparttar 129395 face by Chuck."

"Chuck punched Johnny inrepparttar 129396 face, knocking him torepparttar 129397 floor."

The first sentence, using passive verbs, is wimpy. The second, using action verbs, is powerful and concise. 'Nuf said.

6. Use Short Sentences and Short Words - Just because you are writing doesn't mean you should turn into John Faulkner. Saverepparttar 129398 excess verbiage and utter confusion for pretentious literature. The last thing you want to do is confuse your reader.

Eliminate irrelevant and redundant words and don't add fluff forrepparttar 129399 sake of puffing up your copy. Write your copyrepparttar 129400 way you would talk to a friend. Say what you mean and keep your copy lean.

7. Tell Your Reader What To Do - Your readers needs to know exactly what you expect of them. Don't be shy. After you spent all that time writing your exceptional copy, don't let your reader go off saying, "What wasrepparttar 129401 point of that?"

Instruct them to call, write, reserve, visit, buy, order, fax, or whatever you want them to do.

After reading all these rules and regulations, you may have come torepparttar 129402 conclusion that copywriting just isn't your cup of tea. Don't feel ashamed. That's what professional copywriters like myself are here for.

If you choose not to write your own copy, then it's important to have a reliable copywriter on call. Otherwise you'll be stuck if an important project comes up and you have no one to turn to.

The time to choose a copywriter is before you need one. When choosing a copywriter remember that not all of those who claim to be professional copywriters actually are professional copywriters. Ask to see samples of their work before you make your decision. Now that you knowrepparttar 129403 rules of good copywriting, you can make an accurate assessment ofrepparttar 129404 work's quality.

Ask around to friends and business associates. Chances are they will know writer's to investigate as well as those to avoid.

Don't let geography stand between you andrepparttar 129405 copywriter you prefer. It's nice to find a local, but when all is said and done it just doesn't matter. Chooserepparttar 129406 writer who fits your needs. Don't base your decision on whether or not you could drive torepparttar 129407 their house in 30 minutes or less.

Once you do choose a copywriter, always treat him/her in a professional manner. Many writers are used to being treated like second class citizens, but that doesn't mean you should perpetuate that treatment. Writer's perform an important and necessary function in society, one which most people can't appreciate.

But if there is one thing that will make you appreciaterepparttar 129408 work copywriters do, it's attempting to write your own copy.

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