Overcoming Objections Over the Telephone

Written by Jay Conners

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If that doesn’t get them talking again, then let them go by politely asking for their permission to follow up with them in a few days, and, if you could possibly send them out some literature, along with your business card.

Another common objection is:

I have to ask my spouse.

A good response to this objection would be:

Is your spouse available at this time? I would be happy to speak with him/her.

Again, if this does not work, then let them go, and politely ask to send out literature, and follow up with a phone call.

And one other objection you may run into . . .

I have already taken care of that, or I am working with someone else.

If you are hit with this objection, it is most likely your prospects way of telling you they are not interested.

Onrepparttar other hand, if they tell you they are working with someone else, it never hurts to take a chance, and ask your customer if they would like to see if you could get them a better price, or even a better product. It can’t hurt, and if they are interested than go for it! If not, than let it go right there, and move onto your next prospect.

And remember, challenges are nothing but obstacles on your path to greatness!

Jay Conners is the owner of J. Conners, Mortgage leads reviews a mortgage resource center for mortgage brokers, loan officers, and lenders. He is also the owner of Www.callprospect.com a mortgage lead company.

Bridging the Sales Experience Gap – Part II

Written by Clive Miller

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Reverse selling a sceptical buyer

Suppose you are sceptical aboutrepparttar value of buying a Mercedes however, you do need to buy some form of transport. How would you react ifrepparttar 150192 Mercedes sales person said you should look at something more practical? You might be offended. Ifrepparttar 150193 message had been expressed in a disarming way, then you would probably want to know whyrepparttar 150194 sales person thought that you shouldn’t buy a Mercedes. Reverse selling means doingrepparttar 150195 opposite of whatrepparttar 150196 buyer expects a sales person to do. Done well, reverse selling will enticerepparttar 150197 most sceptical buyer to begin selling themselves.

Reverse selling an eager buyer

Suppose you really, really want a Mercedes. How quickly would you get irritated with a sales person who seemed to be trying to put you off? Sometimes sales people try to withhold pricing information until they have established need and value. When people try this on me, I tend to get irritated quickly. This may be a personal thing however, when I want to buy something, I want to do my due diligence, my way. I expect sales people to help me buyrepparttar 150198 way I want to buy. Those who insist on following their own agenda quickly get to do so without my presence.

Forward selling an eager buyer

Such situations should take place as an entirely natural collaboration between buyer and seller. It should be straight forward forrepparttar 150199 sales person to discover howrepparttar 150200 buyer makes good decisions. Once understood,repparttar 150201 seller can align his or her efforts withrepparttar 150202 buyer’s purpose and preferences. You would think it should be easy! Sometimesrepparttar 150203 challenge is to avoid getting inrepparttar 150204 way.

The ‘Meeting Tactic’s’ Adaptive Sales Framework diagram helps sales people recogniserepparttar 150205 need for careful observation and flexibility of response, when meeting potential buyers. Learning and practising different styles vastly expands opportunities to help buyers getrepparttar 150206 right results.

Frameworks like this providerepparttar 150207 tools to overcomerepparttar 150208 greatest challenge to success, a lack of forethought, planning, and preparation. Henry Ford put it better, “Thinking isrepparttar 150209 hardest work there is, which is probablyrepparttar 150210 reason so few engage in it.”

Questions and comments to Clive Miller E-mail: clive@salessense.co.uk Web: www.salessense.co.uk Tel: +44 118 933 1357

Achieving sales targets has been the focus of Clive’s working life for twenty-five years. During his time in the field, he has sold a wide range of products, solutions, and services in the IT industry for Intel, IBM, Sun Microsystems, and Silicon Graphics. He is the author of most SalesSense training material and writes about selling for magazines and newsletters.


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