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Written by Richard Grady

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2. When you post your project, ensure that you detail EXACTLY what is required. The more informationrepparttar better. If you start adding torepparttar 136062 brief after a freelancer has placed his/her bid, expectrepparttar 136063 price to rise....

3. Try and keeprepparttar 136064 brief as simple as possible. Remember that English may not berepparttar 136065 first language of some ofrepparttar 136066 freelancers and whilst I have never had any communication problems (in fact, most ofrepparttar 136067 programmers I have used have a better standard of written English thanrepparttar 136068 majority of my fellow countrymen!), it makes sense not to over-complicate matters with slang etc that may not be understood.

4. Don't always opt forrepparttar 136069 lowest bid. All ofrepparttar 136070 freelance sites listed below allow you to view feedback ratings for freelancers and I usually base my decision on this rating. I would rather pay a bit extra and use someone with a superb rating than save a bit of money and use a new freelancer. They may be great at what they do but unfortunately when you are dealing with people at a distance, you have no way of knowing and in my view, it isn't worthrepparttar 136071 risk and potential extra hassle. Go with someone that has already proven themselves.

5. If your project is to create something that you want to resell (for example a software product or an eBook) make sure that you stress inrepparttar 136072 brief that atrepparttar 136073 end ofrepparttar 136074 project, you will ownrepparttar 136075 copyright and will have access torepparttar 136076 source code/files. Obviously you want to ensure thatrepparttar 136077 freelancer doesn't come back to you inrepparttar 136078 future complaining that you are selling his/her work and that you can editrepparttar 136079 product if you need to without having to findrepparttar 136080 original creator. It would also be wise to include a condition stating thatrepparttar 136081 freelancer is not allowed to use your product inrepparttar 136082 future for someone else or indeed sell it themselves.

As for which freelance site to use, there are three that I recommend but my absolute fave is http://www.thetraderonline.com/scriptlance.html and this is definitely my 'site of choice'.

Alternatively, try www.eLance.com or www.Rentacoder.com

Richard Grady has been helping ordinary people earn online since 1998. He writes a free newsletter which is published every two weeks. To subscribe (and claim your free gifts), visit: http://www.thetraderonline.com/newsletter.html


Written by Dennis Rushing

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Show them a reason why their personal needs will be fulfilled up front and you have wonrepparttar battle. You can show them, as my Grandfather did, that you care for their needs after they come in. But you only get one shot at telling them upfront their needs are important. They will sense it and willingly accept showing them you care after their arrival atrepparttar 136043 dealership. The psychology ofrepparttar 136044 Internet buyer is much different thanrepparttar 136045 conventional customer. Utilization of this psychology must happen if we are to be successful. Yesterday they wererepparttar 136046 conventional customers, attempting to negotiate as their Fathers did. Once they hitrepparttar 136047 Internet, they feel protected and secure. You must step into this security and keep them feeling safe. Internet customers have a greater need for security and acceptance. If you keep this in mind, you will always fare better. You will succeed where others will fail, regardless ofrepparttar 136048 price that is quoted. Only after trust is established and developed, do you proceed. Your most valuable assets are time and your ability to sell yourself as someone with creditability and sincerity. These arerepparttar 136049 attributesrepparttar 136050 Internet customer is seeking from you. You must back up what you say torepparttar 136051 customer later inrepparttar 136052 process, but if you cannot establish trust inrepparttar 136053 first contact, it won’t matter. You can call it corny or attempt to brush it off, butrepparttar 136054 plain truth is that Internet customers are a lot like my Grandmother. It was always more important that she felt loved than to hear it. That is why she stayed with my Grandfather for so many years without hearing those words. She felt safe and secure. I miss my Grandfather even today. He told me he loved me once.

Dennis Rushing isrepparttar 136055 President of Dealer Cat, an automotive Internet training and consulting company that is based upon his patented proactive selling systems. Contact him at drushing@dealercat.com or visit www.dealercat.com for more information.

Dennis Rushing is one of the true pioneers in Automotive Internet Sales. He began selling vehicles through the Internet in March of 1994 and has developed unique selling processes that are based upon unmatched experience and success. Dennis has personally sold over 4300 vehicles through the Internet, which makes him easily one of the most successful ISMs in automotive history.

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