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Written by Richard Lowe

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Beforerepparttar days of email scripting, creating a self-replicating virus was a large task requiring a very knowledgeable person. He would have to design and create a means wherebyrepparttar 109648 virus sent itself to other systems. Once email scripting was invented and became popular, virtually anyone with a few days or weeks of script training (or reading of manuals) could dorepparttar 109649 same.

So if you use Outlook Express, you MUST install a very good virus checking program (such as Norton Antivirus) and you MUST keeprepparttar 109650 definitions up-to-date. Unfortunately,repparttar 109651 email security patch for Outlook which disables email scripting does not apply to Outlook Express, so is of no help. (I am not sure if repparttar 109652 scripting problem applies torepparttar 109653 Outlook Express which ships with Internet Explorer 6 and above as I have not installed that program yet).

To sum it up quickly, Outlook Express is a reasonable email and newsgroup client. The best that can be said about it isrepparttar 109654 product works and it's free. You are, however, exposing yourself to some risk if you userepparttar 109655 program, especially if you do not have a good antivirus program installed.

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Written by Richard Lowe

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The point of all of this is to demonstrate how easy it is for your email to be seen by any number of people at any number of computers throughoutrepparttar world. An email message is by no means private (unless, of course, it is encrypted, which means it is saved in a form that cannot be read except byrepparttar 109647 receiver).

How does carnivore operate? Well, ifrepparttar 109648 FBI needed to perform an investigation, they would get a court order to install Carnivore on an ISP's email server. This program will monitor all emails that are sent to and received fromrepparttar 109649 ISP's system. It is looking for anything related torepparttar 109650 investigation, and reportedly it can be very finely tuned to look for extremely specific patterns.

Inrepparttar 109651 words ofrepparttar 109652 FBI, "The Carnivore device providesrepparttar 109653 FBI with a "surgical" ability to intercept and collectrepparttar 109654 communications which arerepparttar 109655 subject ofrepparttar 109656 lawful order while ignoring those communications which they are not authorized to intercept. This type of tool is necessary to meetrepparttar 109657 stringent requirements ofrepparttar 109658 federal wiretapping statutes."

The FBI requires very specific authorization to perform it's surveillance, as stated onrepparttar 109659 official web site: "Applications for electronic surveillance must demonstrate probable cause and state with particularity and specificity:repparttar 109660 offense(s) being committed,repparttar 109661 telecommunications facility or place from which repparttar 109662 subject's communications are to be intercepted, a description ofrepparttar 109663 types of conversations to be intercepted, andrepparttar 109664 identities ofrepparttar 109665 persons committingrepparttar 109666 offenses that are anticipated to be intercepted. Thus, criminal electronic surveillance laws focus on gathering hard evidence -- not intelligence."

The issue is whether or notrepparttar 109667 FBI can be trusted to only look at information which it has authorization to examine. On one hand, should we trust agencies such asrepparttar 109668 FBI? Will they abuse this tool? Onrepparttar 109669 other hand, why deny critical information torepparttar 109670 FBI which might help them convict real criminals? Why allow criminals and terrorists a way to send information without threat of surveillance? Hackers and other people already haverepparttar 109671 ability to intercept emails at will - why not allow our law enforcement agencies dorepparttar 109672 same?

Interesting choice, isn't it?

Richard Lowe Jr. is the webmaster of Internet Tips And Secrets at http://www.internet-tips.net - Visit our website any time to read over 1,000 complete FREE articles about how to improve your internet profits, enjoyment and knowledge.

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