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How to Grow Bananas

Written by Linda Paquette

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Banana Plant Growth

Because of its rapid growth,repparttar banana plant is one that you almost can sit back and watch grow. Whenrepparttar 146692 banana plant is about three-quarters grown, it produces several suckers at its base. Remove all of these, save one, by trimming them at ground level with a sharp knife. The saved shoot is called a follower. It will become your banana plant’s main stem afterrepparttar 146693 mother plant fruits.

The “trunk” ofrepparttar 146694 banana plant is actually a densely packed group of concentric leaves, a pseudostem. Afterrepparttar 146695 banana plant has grown about thirty leaves,repparttar 146696 fruit stem shoots through them fromrepparttar 146697 rhizome and emerges as a terminal inflorescence (a group of flowers atrepparttar 146698 tip ofrepparttar 146699 stem). The fruit stem matures three to four months after its emergence. Flower bracts soon coverrepparttar 146700 stem and then roll back almost daily, each exposing a “hand” of bananas. Atrepparttar 146701 beginning of their development,repparttar 146702 little hands grow downward, but as they grow, they turn their fingers towardsrepparttar 146703 sun and appear to be growing upside down. This phenomenon is called “negative geotropism”.

Banana Harvest

A banana bunch is ready to cut whenrepparttar 146704 fruit is round and plump with no obvious ribs. At this point,repparttar 146705 flower bracts will be very dry and easily break off fromrepparttar 146706 fruit tip. To harvest bananas,repparttar 146707 stalk ofrepparttar 146708 bunch should be cut well aboverepparttar 146709 top hand of bananas.

Bananas ripen by self-producing heat and ethylene gas. To maximize your banana harvest, pick individual green hands to ripen them for use. Sealrepparttar 146710 hand in a plastic bag with another ripening banana or a fruit like a red apple. The hand makes use ofrepparttar 146711 gas produced byrepparttar 146712 ripening fruit and speeds uprepparttar 146713 process. Placerepparttar 146714 bag in a cool dark place, like a cupboard (a refrigerator is too cold!). After 24 to 48 hours, removerepparttar 146715 ripening fruit. The hand of bananas should be able to finishrepparttar 146716 ripening process on its own.

After harvest, cutrepparttar 146717 mother plant down to ground level. The “follower” will take her place for next year's banana growing!

Linda is an author of Gardening Tips Tricks and Howto's  of Gardening Guides and the Lawn Care section of the Lawnmower Guide.

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