Outdoor Decks - Understanding Seven Elements Of Good Deck Design

Written by David Buster

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5. Are you considering dividing your deck into different areas? For example, you could have an area for lounging, sunning or reading and another area for dining, entertaining and cooking. Involve your family and make a list ofrepparttar activities you would like to have. You may want to include a section for children's games and playtime. Have a good idea of how traffic will flow onrepparttar 145898 deck and in your backyard. Understand how family, friends and pets will be walking fromrepparttar 145899 front ofrepparttar 145900 house torepparttar 145901 backyard, fromrepparttar 145902 garage torepparttar 145903 kitchen, fromrepparttar 145904 greenhouse or tool shed torepparttar 145905 garden and so on. If you are going to have a deck area for relaxation, you don't want allrepparttar 145906 traffic coming out ofrepparttar 145907 house to merge into this area.

6. What shape deck is best for your home? When designing your deck, consider using a variety of shapes. Keep it simple, but don't be afraid to add an angle or two torepparttar 145908 deck design. For example, add curves or diagonal lines to connect two rectangular or square spaces forrepparttar 145909 deck plan. Connectrepparttar 145910 different sections with paths, paving surfaces, stairways, arbors, gazebos or perhaps a water pond.

Consider using planters or flower pots with attractive plants, overhead structures or trellises, benches and steps to create a transition between areas inrepparttar 145911 backyard. If you're not a good gardener, you can still create a low maintenance landscape by using shrubs and other easy-to-care-for plants. Formal landscapes are more symmetrical and use geometric patterns and straight lines. Informal styles use more asymmetry and more curves - wooden decks are often asscociated with an informal setting.

7. Do you hire a deck designer, do you use deck plans or do you designrepparttar 145912 deck yourself? Consider using deck plans if you can find plans that you like. One ofrepparttar 145913 best ways to simplify deck building is to use deck plans that have been successfully built before. If you need to make some modifications to suit your needs and home, doing so will likely be cheaper than creating deck plans fromrepparttar 145914 beginning. Unless you live in a very rural area, you will need to check with your local building department to find out what requirements and restrictions exist in your area, especially if you are designing and buildingrepparttar 145915 deck yourself. If you’re not comfortable withrepparttar 145916 process, consider hiring a professional deck designer and a deck contractor.

Done correctly, building a deck will provide countless hours of enjoyment for you, your family and friends as well as increaserepparttar 145917 value of your home. After all, isn’t enjoying our time off why we work so hard? Visit http://www.yourdreamloghome.com and learn more about creatingrepparttar 145918 perfect deck for you and your home.

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Seven Ways To Boxer-Proof Your House

Written by Jody Mitchell

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3. Restrict access to your kitchen garbage. Placerepparttar bin inrepparttar 145897 kitchen sink or behind closed doors. Dispose of your cigarette butts appropriately, as they can cause nicotine poisoning.

4. Electrical cords must be monitored for signs of chewing and/or made inaccessible to your Boxer. Sometimes a nasty-tasting substance can be used to deter your Boxer. Check with your vet for some recommendations.

5. We have all heardrepparttar 145898 horror stories of Boxers that have gotten into holiday decorations. They are attracted torepparttar 145899 bright lights and shiny glass ornaments, so keep a close eye on your Boxer if you have Christmas decorations up.

6. There are many kinds of poisonous plants, so be sure to contact your local veterinarian for a list of any toxic plants that grow in your area.

7. Anti-freeze is highly toxic to dogs and it is a good idea to keep all chemicals safely out of reach of your Boxer, puppy or adult.

Jody Mitchell, a stay at home mom and part time veterinarian assistant who has been saved by Boxer dog from car accident. Her amazing experience inspires her to write about Boxer: "The Boxer Chronicle - A Guide to All Things Boxer." Visit her Website http://www.boxerdogguide.com

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