Outdated Copyright Date & Information = Outdated Sales & Customers!

Written by Matthew Janowski

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Onrepparttar other side ofrepparttar 122528 coin, if you’re a webmaster or own your own web site, update your copyright today! Even if you don’t updaterepparttar 122529 information on your site every other day, atrepparttar 122530 very least, keep you copyright date current.

An even better way to present your copyright is to show a time period. For example: if your site was established in 1998 present your copyright like this: copyright 1998-2004.

You should be proud ofrepparttar 122531 fact you’ve been in business for six years! This shows longevity and builds your credibility to potential clients.

Nothing bothers me more than wasting time on a site that keeps me guessing aboutrepparttar 122532 dated content. Your site should scream “I’m up to date, read me!!”

I love internet marketing and strive to provide my clients with strong, up-to-date products or affiliate programs.

So if you’re looking for programs or products online, checkrepparttar 122533 copyright date first! If your selling products or services keep your site’s copyright updated!

Happy marketing to everyone and best of luck in all your endeavors!

Matt Janowski is a graphic designer and website designer. Creating Online Network Marketing sites for clients is his specialty. www.greenbushmarketinggroup.com

Why you should consider mlm as a second income

Written by Kathy Joyce

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All you need to do is to putrepparttar cheques inrepparttar 122527 bank!

You don't need to give up your full time job until you are making a sufficient income from mlm. Just a few hours a week is all you need to get started.

There is no special training required to start but you will needrepparttar 122528 support of your upline, especially atrepparttar 122529 beginning.

You may be thinking oh I can't sell, but really it's a business of referral. No one would recommend you go from door to door selling.

In mlm money is made from building a downline of people purchasing quality products. These people are providing you with a residual income every time they place an order. The opportunity is unlimited with mlm.

It's a bit like recommending a cinema to friends and getting paid for it! Imagine if you had a large circle of friends who enjoy going torepparttar 122530 cinema, and those friends also had a lot of friends?

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