Out with the Old

Written by Rinatta Paries

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6. Reexamine. Reexaminerepparttar situation fromrepparttar 102050 vantage point ofrepparttar 102051 present. How did you grow as a result ofrepparttar 102052 pain? Was there a hidden gift in going throughrepparttar 102053 experience? What did you learn as a result ofrepparttar 102054 situation? Repeat until you can feel gratitude towardrepparttar 102055 situation,repparttar 102056 pain,repparttar 102057 resentment,repparttar 102058 anger andrepparttar 102059 other person.

7. Pray. If you pray, sayrepparttar 102060 following prayer for at least a month and perhaps longer until you feel complete: "Please removerepparttar 102061 resentment/anger/pain I am feeling toward/about [name]. Please give [name] as much joy, prosperity, love, etc., as I want for myself."

8. Perform a ritual. Do something physical to symbolize that you are now letting go ofrepparttar 102062 past and are ready to move freely intorepparttar 102063 present. Repeat until you feel complete.

9. Repairrepparttar 102064 damage. Actively repairrepparttar 102065 damage that was caused to you. If something of yours was taken, replace it with an item just as good or better. If you were emotionally hurt, give yourselfrepparttar 102066 kind of support, acknowledgement, love, etc., that you wanted fromrepparttar 102067 other person. Ask trusted others to provide you withrepparttar 102068 emotional support you needed and did not get. It's ok to request to be treated in exactlyrepparttar 102069 way you need in order to heal.

10. Talk torepparttar 102070 spirit ofrepparttar 102071 person. Sometimes our relationships go so wrong, so much hurt is created, that it is difficult to imaginerepparttar 102072 person giving usrepparttar 102073 understanding we need to get complete. In these cases, have conversations withrepparttar 102074 person's spirit. Although they may not be able to hear you, you know their spirit will. Recreaterepparttar 102075 suggestion in #4, but talk torepparttar 102076 person's spirit rather than torepparttar 102077 actual person.

When you let go of past hurts and resentments, an unimaginable field of possibilities will open up for you. You will be free from your past. You will be free to form bonds with people based onrepparttar 102078 essence andrepparttar 102079 beauty of who you are. You will be able to seerepparttar 102080 essence and beauty of others. From that freedom you will be able to create your ideal relationship.

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Is your first impression HELLO?

Written by Chris Bradford and Brande McCree

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4. You let them know their call is important to you.

5. And you asked for a detailed message.

Asking for a detailed message is very important. It allows you to be prepared when you return their call by knowing what they were calling about. It also prevents a lot ofrepparttar time lost playing telephone tag. Ifrepparttar 102049 caller leaves you enough detail, you may be able to take care of their request, and when you return their call, should you get their recorder, simply be able to leave a message that you accomplishedrepparttar 102050 task.

Here are a few rules to go by when answeringrepparttar 102051 phone and recording an answering machine message.

1. Your answering machine message should be in an adult voice. Having your children on your answering machine may be cute, but it is unprofessional.

2. Make surerepparttar 102052 room is quiet when you record your answering machine message. Noises from children, window air conditioners, televisions, radios, refrigerators andrepparttar 102053 like are distracting torepparttar 102054 caller.

3. Never let your younger children answerrepparttar 102055 phone. Older teenagers should be trained to answerrepparttar 102056 phone inrepparttar 102057 manner described in this article.

4. Unless you haverepparttar 102058 equipment to professionally dub music, do not play music on your answering machine message. It sounds terrible, is distracting, and is unprofessional.

5. When you are available, answer every call. People want immediate response.

6. Answer all calls inrepparttar 102059 manner described herein. Even if it is your closest friend or a member of your organization you speak to several times daily. This does two things. First, it keeps you inrepparttar 102060 habit. Secondly, it sets an example for members of your organization.

By following these few simple rules, you will makerepparttar 102061 best first impression possible.

Chris Bradford and Brande McCree are the publishers of MLM Success Today, a weekly newsletter offering original articles written by its publishers for both the experienced and the beginner network marketer. http://www.mlmsuccesstoday.com/news/

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