Our taxes going down the drain...

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In Beijing, China's capital city, they are testing a new kind of manhole cover to try and stoprepparttar prolific theft of manhole covers on pavements and roads aroundrepparttar 113447 city. Inventors in Beijing are currently trying to make manhole covers of non-metal materials so that they are no longer a temptation for theives. This is a huge problem in China whererepparttar 113448 covers are sold as scrap for a few dollars but replacements cost over a hundred dollars each. Incredibly Beijing has more than 600,000 manhole covers and during 2004repparttar 113449 city lost around 240,000 manhole and drain covers to thieves.

On a smaller scale but equally lucrative are British Road Signs. Go to Ebay and type in 'road sign' inrepparttar 113450 search facility. Hundreds of road signs are on offer, many of them are copies but look closely and you could pick up a genuine and original bargain such asrepparttar 113451 Trafford Road sign with current bidding at £30 andrepparttar 113452 reserve not yet met. A closer look reveals traffic cones, village signs and other icons of Britain that can be found up and downrepparttar 113453 country and which are often ignored by all butrepparttar 113454 dedicated ebay entrepreneur who wanders around at night with his screwdriver and crowbar finding items of worth to advertise on ebay.

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Connecting Condi to Edith Bunker

Written by Roger Wright

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That clue could be found, whenever there was a moment, when Edith would have to put her foot down, and just say "No"

Edith Bunker could say "no"---better, more forceful, with a trunk full of meaning and true virtue. So much deeper, more profound than Condi ever could. See, here'srepparttar thing.

Archie, likerepparttar 113446 rest of us, wasn't alwaysrepparttar 113447 most moral guy. Didn't always makerepparttar 113448 best decisions. Had some pretty screwy ideas about what maderepparttar 113449 world work. And Edith would put up with about 98% of it. She'd nod her head, ask a question that would draw an audience laugh as we who were watching would sharerepparttar 113450 smug feeling of how much smarter than Archie we were. But Edith, Edith would just go along.

Until it got important. And when it got important---there was ALWAYS a moral, always a truth involved. Edith knew that all Archie's dumb blatherings in his own living room, didn't exactly paverepparttar 113451 way for social justice. But they were just him talking. And inrepparttar 113452 1970's asrepparttar 113453 inherent sexism ofrepparttar 113454 1960's was just starting to surface---there WERE no rich and powerful women executives like Martha Stewart to takerepparttar 113455 scapegoating blame forrepparttar 113456 Ken Lay's and Bernie Ebbers ofrepparttar 113457 world. And there certainly was no Condi. A predecessor in war crimes, Henry Kissinger. But no Condi.

There was just Edith.

And when Edith said "No." She meant "No"

No talking points, no spin, no Karen Hughes, a devil even more dangerous because she dresses as a soccer Mom in a mini van. Just Edith saying no.

And when Edith said, “no”. . . . .we listened.

When Condi says "no". . . we just watch.

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