Our Internal Clutter

Written by Lynn Cutts

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BE AWARE: The first step in dealing with anything is simply to become aware ofrepparttar problem. Start paying attention torepparttar 139383 mental and emotional clutter that fills your head. Tune into your self-talk, your old tapes, your worries. The more you notice them,repparttar 139384 easier it is to change them - or just get rid of them.

LIVE IN THE NOW: Look at those negative emotions and old tapes you're carrying around fromrepparttar 139385 past, and let them go. That was then, and this is now. You have grown, andrepparttar 139386 times and situations are different. And notice what you're worrying about. How likely is that to happen - really? Instead of wasting your time and energy worrying aboutrepparttar 139387 future, start planning for it. Remember, today isrepparttar 139388 tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

IGNORE: Those little voices in your head (Gremlins) are going to be with yourepparttar 139389 rest of your life. If you engage in an argument with them, you will usually lose. Instead notice them, then simply ignore what they are saying. Banish them to another room. Take a walk to clear your head and focus on now.

SET GOALS: If you have well thought out, clearly written goals for your week/year/life, you'll have a much easier time knowing what to do each day. You'll stay focused and on purpose. It will also be easier to . . .

CHOOSE: Start to make conscious choices about what you put on that To Do list, aboutrepparttar 139390 projects you start,repparttar 139391 commitments you make. Learn to say "No," not just to others, but also to yourself. If you're not passionate about something, or if it won't serve your goals and your purpose, don't let it in your life.

ELIMINATE: Finally, what can you let go of? What are you doing/thinking/feeling that isn't serving you? Pare your life and your commitments down to manageable levels. I'm not suggesting you quit your job, get a divorce, and move to Tahiti. But do you really need to be on two committees,repparttar 139392 HOA board, andrepparttar 139393 softball team? Do you really need to volunteer for overtime at work? The world won't stop if you let a few things slide.

If you follow those six life changing steps, you'll eliminate 85% ofrepparttar 139394 internal clutter in your life. (A life without some clutter simply isn't possible. We're human.) You'll be more focused and less hurried, more confident and less worried. You'll have more time and energy. Just imagine how great your life will be then!

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Turn Those Emotions Into Success

Written by Laura Hickey http://www.laurahickey.com

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Instead take those emotions of sadness or bloody anger and add them to your fight. Everytime someone tries to ruffle your feathers, have it add more fire torepparttar inner flames in you. The more fire you have in yourself,repparttar 139351 more likely you will get out there and work twice as hard. You'll have a thicker skin and you'll be completely focus on shutting that person down by getting ahead. Now, again that doesn't mean go beating that person to a bloody pulp (you may want to, that's definitely understandable) but if there's a promotion at work or in life that you want to get ahead, work harder with allrepparttar 139352 raging fire from these emotions these people caused you to get ahead and be successful.

It's going to be hard at first. Many times you'll want to say something or crush someone for being such a...well you know! But with time you'll slowly see that biting your tongue and not saying something will end up you beingrepparttar 139353 bigger man or women! Change doesn't happen overnight. Good Luck!

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