Other People's Opinions

Written by Charlotte Burton

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So how do you stop being like that? First thing to do is to recognise when you are making these assumptions and when they are patently false, and put some kind of system in place to prevent yourself from getting caught up inrepparttar negative cycle. One useful technique isrepparttar 138530 Emotional Release technique taught inrepparttar 138531 Sedona Method where you can quicly overcomerepparttar 138532 obsessive nature that can sometimes come fromrepparttar 138533 error. Another way is to understand why you haverepparttar 138534 schemas you do and to change them: often they are out of date and are not actually helpful (as they are supposed to be). They are also linked torepparttar 138535 'gremlins' (if you're British you might knowrepparttar 138536 term fromrepparttar 138537 recent spate of adverts on TV advertising education) - but that's a future article. Fundamentally though, to overcome harmful errors, it is all about understanding when you make them and stopping them spiral out of control.

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No other choice

Written by Kenia Morales

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I ended up turning up my assignment a day late. Even though; I felt I could have done a better job I still managed to get a satisfactory grade. But, even if I would have failedrepparttar class I would have jus repeated it onrepparttar 138506 next semester. What happened was that once I understood that this situation was beyond my control I let it go. My girls did not plan to get sick on that specific date and I was not expecting it either. Neither my daughters nor I deservedrepparttar 138507 stress of me trying to manage my final and their sickness at once. By devoting my complete time to them I was able to reduce my stress level and be there for them when they needed itrepparttar 138508 most.

Some circumstances will require that you let go for more than one day, for months or even longer. But, they should not berepparttar 138509 reason for letting your dreams go completely. So, when you find yourself in difficult situations ask yourself if it is possible to maintain your sanity when performing so many tasks or is it simply time to let go?

Do not loose your mind,

Kenia Morales

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