Osama and Saddam

Written by Rocky Ramsey

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"I hate to ask you, but I've got a plan to attackrepparttar Great Satan America, and I need a million dollars."

"A million dollars? Is that all? Pocket change. I can get you a couple of million and I'm sure there are others inrepparttar 118185 Middle East that would kick in something."

"Good. Good."

"I can send you a truck full of cash a week from Thursday. By repparttar 118186 way, I've got a question for you. You've evadedrepparttar 118187 Americans since you attackedrepparttar 118188 USS Cole. Do you have any suggestions on how I can hide from them if they invade?"

"Have you considered living in a hole inrepparttar 118189 ground? It's worked pretty well for me."

"I don't know. I've been living in palaces for a while. Living in a hole inrepparttar 118190 ground doesn't sound like much fun."

"What are you whining about? Try dragging a dialysis machine around from cave to cave while evadingrepparttar 118191 Americans, then you should complain."

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ThinkExist.com: New “Sex and the City” Quotes Collection

Written by Mark A. Lugris

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"I know your friends fine. Charlotte isrepparttar brunette, Miranda isrepparttar 118184 redhead and Samantha is trouble.[Big] "

Carrie Bradshaw and friends reflectrepparttar 118185 many traits of urban singles everywhere. Headed byrepparttar 118186 award-winning Sarah Jessica Parker,repparttar 118187 show was an unexpected success when it premiered in 1998. Now, this collection of “Sex and The City” quotes will continue to entertain and enthuse fans.

"Who would have thought an island that tiny would be big enough to hold all our old boyfriends?[Miranda] "

"Whatever happened to aging gracefully? [Miranda] It got old. [Carrie] "

ThinkExist.com depends on its users to help build and broaden our quotation database, and although we have includedrepparttar 118188 best “Sex and The City” quotes available, we hope you share your favorites.

"If you are single there is always one thing you should take out with you on a Saturday night... your friends. [Carrie] "

Mark A. Lugris is the Public Relations Director for ThinkExist.com

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