Osama Swings Election

Written by Ed Howes

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Osama has spoken truthfully to America since he was important enough to attract foreign media attention. Ask any reporter inrepparttar corporate, fascist, Amerikan mass media why George Bush was reelected and they will tell you. Itísrepparttar 125901 War on Terrorism, dummy. John Kerry cannot be trusted to dorepparttar 125902 same BANG UP job George Bush is doing to protect us, as big brothers are supposed to do. Itísrepparttar 125903 most honest admission you will ever hear from them. Osama speaksrepparttar 125904 truth knowing that honesty is NOT a value that matters in an American election. He can sleep with a clear conscience and no fear of George Bush.

Osama has been far too kind and delicate in his dealings with America. America has sold truth for appearances and its soul for its lifestyle. And there is no health in US. America could not elect a more appropriate president than a traitor who is sacrificing its children torepparttar 125905 great god Molech, inrepparttar 125906 name of freedom and democracy.

America needs humility much more than good will, asrepparttar 125907 rest ofrepparttar 125908 world so plainly sees. Its humility can only come by violent force because its ignorant arrogance has progressed beyond self mitigation. Hang on -repparttar 125909 party has hardly begun. He who loves us will correct us.

We ARErepparttar 125910 great Satan we have been labeled. The only thing we can think to say about it is; who us? We arerepparttar 125911 greatest nation on earth and if you say otherwise we will kill you! It never once occurs to us that others can see us as we are. We have no self image problem. We have a moral substance problem. As Sodom, we need an advocate like Abraham to intercede on behalf of our ten righteous men - all to no avail. Or perhaps Iím wildly exaggeratingrepparttar 125912 problem, donít you wish?

Osama spoke and Washington ignored him as was their habit. He sent us all a wake up call. Washington invaded Iraq. The rest of us tappedrepparttar 125913 button on our snooze alarm. Our message to Osama? Is thatrepparttar 125914 best youíve got? Arenít we clever? Donít we need a serious ass kicking? Itís onrepparttar 125915 way.

Freelance writer published on many websites and newspapers.


Written by Ed Howes

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Take heart. Take hope, all you victims of American justice. Divine justice is not far from you. We are inrepparttar very midst ofrepparttar 125900 greatest cyclical overlap since Noahís flood. Despiterepparttar 125901 huge investment inrepparttar 125902 Machine Age,repparttar 125903 Information Age is establishing itself with great progressive strides, creating brotherhood and profit opportunities for those who do poorly inrepparttar 125904 Machine Age. An age defined by personal ambition, consequences be damned.

The Piscean Age, ushered in by Jesus Christ, turned dark and foreboding asrepparttar 125905 sky didrepparttar 125906 time he died. Peoplerepparttar 125907 world over, sought candles inrepparttar 125908 darkness to light their way, only to have them extinguished for their own good byrepparttar 125909 ambitious heads of church and state. The wicked and all who serve them for profit or favor have had 2000 years of dominion which ends withrepparttar 125910 new Light ofrepparttar 125911 Aquarian Age.

Lastly,repparttar 125912 six thousand year Age (week) of Man, sincerepparttar 125913 creation of Adam and Eve, has arrived atrepparttar 125914 eve ofrepparttar 125915 one thousand year planetary Sabbath, in Scripture calledrepparttar 125916 Kingdom Age -repparttar 125917 age of renewal andrepparttar 125918 restoration of all things. A green and golden age no doubt.

If we focus our attention onrepparttar 125919 short cycles and ignorerepparttar 125920 great ones, we will surely be ill equipped forrepparttar 125921 near future and our survival, which is soon to be a global concern. I recently heard a well respected spiritual intuitive respond to a request about what is coming in 2005. She said she could not be year specific, it could be anytime inrepparttar 125922 next three years that terrorists would damage a bridge inrepparttar 125923 U.S. Doesnít that make you just quake and shudder? What do you imagine she is not seeing or not talking about? If she sees more or worse is she better off keeping it to herself, lest she later be accused ofrepparttar 125924 crime? My point is, even world renowned psychics are not seeing very clearly, very far ahead.

It isrepparttar 125925 combination of well known prophecy and a sense of history, coupled with current events that cause Bible students to expect Armageddon will begin in Palestine. Does that seem far off or unimaginable? Would you wager it is more than a year away? More than ten years? Of course not! We have been trained not to think beyond tomorrow or next week. That keeps life exciting and surprising. What could be more boring than to watchrepparttar 125926 fulfillment of prophecy and know exactly what is happening? What could be less interesting than 2004 becoming 2005? Historical cycles change with great chaos and violence, Peace on Earth is over two decades away. Who will be left to enjoy it?

Freelance writer published on many websites and newspapers.

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