Orthodox cancer treatment

Written by Simon Mitchell

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M.R.I. (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) placesrepparttar patient in a strong magnetic field that passes waves throughrepparttar 147228 body. The computer creates an image by analysing changes inrepparttar 147229 magnetic alignment ofrepparttar 147230 hydrogen protons in our cells. P.E.T. scanning (Positron Emission Tomography) introduces short-lived radio isotopes into body tissues that are then flooded with gamma rays, recorded and then analysed by computer to produce images.

cytology and histology: Cytology is concerned withrepparttar 147231 examination of individual cells. The main application in cancer is inrepparttar 147232 detection of abnormal cells. Histology or hystopathology looks at groups of cells.

laboratory studies: Scientific methodology gives us many ways to analyse and examine bodily extracts.

2. Prognosis What follows initial diagnosis means identifying appropriate treatments, forecastingrepparttar 147233 probable course and outcome ofrepparttar 147234 disease (prognostication) and standardisingrepparttar 147235 design of research and treatment protocols. You may be givenrepparttar 147236 option to take part in a clinical study to help assessrepparttar 147237 effectiveness of a new treatment. Some health centres and surgeries are offered payoffs for enrolling patients in clinical trials which are often ongoing 'action research'.

3. Treatment There are four main types of treatment in conventional cancer treatment: surgery: this offersrepparttar 147238 best chance whenrepparttar 147239 cancer is contained to a single area and has a low tendency to spread radiotherapy: invented over 100 years ago, this treatment bombards specific areas ofrepparttar 147240 body with gamma rays. chemotherapy: uses chemical cocktails that suppressrepparttar 147241 growth cycles of all cells inrepparttar 147242 body. biological therapy: This treatment uses B.R.M.'s (Biological Response Modifiers) such as Interferon or Interleukin-2 to modify biological systems.

Taking these treatments is no guarantee thatrepparttar 147243 cancer will not return. They do not involve looking for or eliminating any causes. To this extent orthodox Western medical approaches to cancer are only palliative.

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Natures cold remedies in your kitchen

Written by Simon Mitchell

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dead by gently sniffing a mixture of lemon juice and warm water up your nose, if you are brave enough. Pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds contain zinc which is important in cold prevention so take some of those. Otherwise its time to sweat those built up toxins right out throughrepparttar skin. Start with a peppermint tea and take some garlic or garlic capsules. Then boil a large onion in milk for an hour, eat it, and drinkrepparttar 147227 milk. Follow on with a steaming cup of lemon juice, honey, cinnamon and grated ginger which will stimulate circulation and sweating. Enjoy it in a mustard footbath which will also warm uprepparttar 147228 blood - use multiple and layered remedies and take them as an opportunity to treat yourself.

For a mustard footbath, take 1 tsp. yellow powder mustard and one of household soda (if you have hard water) and put them in a deep basin with some water as hot as you can stand. Keep your feet and lower legs in for about ten minutes, toppingrepparttar 147229 bath up with fresh hot (not boling) water. Dry off, put on thick socks and climb into a freshly warmed bed,repparttar 147230 earlierrepparttar 147231 better.

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