Origins Of The War

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They also made statements that may have beenrepparttar origin ofrepparttar 125880 more recent sentiments that have sought to defend unilateralism. They believed thatrepparttar 125881 hanging of our "success uponrepparttar 125882 steadfastness of our coalition partners" was "dangerously inadequate". They proposed thatrepparttar 125883 "aim of American foreign policy" should be "removing Saddam Hussein and his regime from power" through "military action".

The most interesting part ofrepparttar 125884 letter isrepparttar 125885 ending. It seems thatrepparttar 125886 1st five paragraphs ofrepparttar 125887 letter could have spent a lot more time talking aboutrepparttar 125888 threats that Iraq posed directly against our country. Instead they talk about "our interest inrepparttar 125889 gulf" which as far as they see it, included Israel,repparttar 125890 moderate Arab states and oil. If there was in fact legitimate threats againstrepparttar 125891 mainland why wouldn't they tellrepparttar 125892 President more about them? And what "fundamental national security interests" did they have in mind other thanrepparttar 125893 moderate Arab states, Israel and oil? Why didn't they list those?

Maybe allrepparttar 125894 members that signed this letter had a legitimate change of heart and mind post 9/11? Maybe they truly believed that a new threat existed in Iraq after 9/11 that dictated that we should invade to protect more thanrepparttar 125895 moderate Arab states, Israel and oil? Maybe some new technologies have come about since long ago in 1998 and we are now capable of determining with total certainty that Iraq possessed WMD?

Maybe they forgot about our vital interests inrepparttar 125896 gulf, Israel,repparttar 125897 moderate Arab states andrepparttar 125898 oil they have and decided to protectrepparttar 125899 U.S. fromrepparttar 125900 new imminent threat posed by Hussein in a post 9/11 world? Itís also possible thatrepparttar 125901 President maderepparttar 125902 decision to invade Iraq without usingrepparttar 125903 counsel of all these men. Maybe he didnít listen to Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz who were telling him to invade Iraq to ďprotect our vital interests inrepparttar 125904 gulf?Ē Mayberepparttar 125905 members ofrepparttar 125906 PNAC just forgot to add allrepparttar 125907 connections to terrorists that Hussein and his regime had? Maybe they forgot to mentionrepparttar 125908 need to liberaterepparttar 125909 Iraqi people?

I don't know. Maybe I'm just a crazy liberal conspiracy nut. I like to think that Iím a rational person and believe thatrepparttar 125910 simplest answer tends to berepparttar 125911 correct one.

Maybe you can readrepparttar 125912 letter and make up your own mind Project For The New American Century Letter

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Who will be an American hero

Written by T,D Roberts

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There must be an American who seesrepparttar similarities to Hitler and George W. Bush. Hitler may have died, but George Bush learned a lot from him. My guess is he is taking up where Hitler left off

What patriotic American will stop this maddness, this Hitler revived through George W. Bush

The World needs American Citizens to rise up and revolt agaist this fascist dangerous dream that is killing men, women and children

Please America, together as one united force, you can bring down Bush and his SS. It is up to you. A civil war if needed. The citizens ofrepparttar 125879 world will support you. Take action. Take back your freedom and democracy, The world is counting on you and praying for you

Do it for yourselves, your children and God.

Oh yeah, I mean something peaceful like a war crimes trial, NOT violence. There is too much violence inrepparttar 125880 world

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