Oriental rug exhibition - Pod Blacha Palace, Warzaw

Written by Ivan Soenderholm

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Anatolian, Persian and Turkoman rugs and carpets are also represented. There are exhibited circa 30 Persian rugs, a few Anatolian rugs and 20 Turkoman rugs and carpets. Most ofrepparttar carpets are pile rugs but a few kilims are also exhibited.

Ivan Soenderholm, September 30, 2003

Editor and publisher of Jozan Magazine on Oriental Rugs : Jozan

Heavy Metal Music, Metal Music, New Metal Music

Written by Crusty Villa

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Anthrax We've Come For You All. Some words that describe this CD are renaissance, fresh spurt or new energy. The vocals of Scott Ian, Frank Bello, and John Bush are clear and articulate, which makesrepparttar track "Safe Home" especially awesome. It is hard to compare this CD to other "sound like" CD's because ofrepparttar 125498 dissimilar tracks. One track sounds like speed metal thenrepparttar 125499 next track switches to just metal. (Reviewers favorite track is "What Doesn't Die".)

Crusty Villa is a devoted metal head who does metal music reviews for www.evilbmx.biz. Evilbmx Clothing Company markets clothing and other products for the BMX industry. You can find Crusty's Metal Music Review on the Evilbmx e-zine, which can be found at http://evilbmx.biz/evilezine/id3.html

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