Organizing and Cleaning-up Your Electronic Address Book

Written by Janet L. Hall

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Now go and openrepparttar new file, it will be in EXCEL, adjustrepparttar 101972 columns and print out.


Basically you userepparttar 101973 same steps to sort as an Outlook Express user; however,repparttar 101974 wording is slightly different:

>>CLICK on Communicator >>CLICK on Address Book You will have more columns and you can even add more columns to sort on by clickingrepparttar 101975 side arrows atrepparttar 101976 bottom of your address book. You can also use VIEW. I did not see an Export Function in Netscape.

AOL Users:

I used a friend's AOL account to check out AOL's email functions and foundrepparttar 101977 email addresses were already sorted in ascending order. I did not find a way to sort or export. However you can edit and delete.

ACT! Users:

More then an E-Mail program, yet you can sort by CLICKING on EDIT and then CLICK SORT. You can sort your people up to three different ways, either in ascending or descending order. To EXPORT, go to FILE, CLICK Data Exchange, CLICK Export and followrepparttar 101978 wizard instructions.

Organizing Mass E-Mails:

If you find that you need to sendrepparttar 101979 same mail message to several people allrepparttar 101980 time, such as a team at work, or a committee you're on, you can put them in a Group (Outlook Express, AOL, and ACT!) or List (Netscape) so you don't have to look for or type their E-Mail address allrepparttar 101981 time.

Create a group in Outlook Express:

>>Open your E-Mail program >>CLICK on TOOLS >>CLICK on Address Book >>CLICK on NEW and CLICK NEW GROUP Name your Group (this is what you will type intorepparttar 101982 TO: when you want to send them allrepparttar 101983 same E-Mail). Now just followrepparttar 101984 instructions on your screen and start addingrepparttar 101985 people you want to be in this group.

AOL, ACT!, and Netscape programs have similar steps for creating groups. If you are using one of these programs, check out their HELP feature if you need help creating groups.

I have found that most E-Mail programs containrepparttar 101986 above basic functions for organizing your E-Mail addresses; however, it would be next to impossible to try and include them all here. You can discover what your E-Mail program can do by checking out their HELP Section and you just might stumble across some neat "stuff." ~~~~~ Janet L. Hall is a Professional Organizer, Speaker, and Author. She isrepparttar 101987 owner of OverHall Consulting, and Organizing By Phone. Subscribe to her FREE organizing newsletter at or visit her web site at

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Janet L. Hall is a Professional Organizer, Speaker, and Author. She is the owner of OverHall Consulting, and Organizing By Phone. Subscribe to her FREE organizing newsletter at or visit her web site at

Whatever Happened to Proofreading?

Written by Owen Johnson

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It also pays to remember that your site design and your writing should be tailored to your targeted market. If you’re selling nose rings, use wild backgrounds and slang. But if you’re selling fine jewelry, keep it simple, clean and easy to navigate and stay away fromrepparttar slang. Otherwise, you’d better carry lots of nose rings!

After you’ve written your sales letter or web content, read it through. (To save yourself some time, you can use a text editor with spell check, and paste it into whatever program you’re using.) Then send it to someone else to check it—someone inrepparttar 101971 same age group as your target market or a professional editor. If it’s a sales letter, sendrepparttar 101972 ‘finished’ product to yourself first to make surerepparttar 101973 formatting came out right.

After you’ve done that and uploaded your pages to your server, do it again. I hope you’re going to check your links, anyway, to make sure THEY work. So you might as well check everything else, too. Sendrepparttar 101974 URL to a few friends with different computers and different browsers to see that it looks as good on theirs as it does on yours.

A little time spent assuring it’s right will make a huge difference in your site’s traffic, and probably in your bank account, too.

Owen Johnson is a webmaster and owner of 1950 Marketing, a service specializing in web site management, maintenance and content editing.

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