Organizing Your Email

Written by Kathy Burns

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Once you have decided how you want to organize your email, set uprepparttar folders and then go through each and every item in your inbox. This isrepparttar 109594 part that may take hours so make sure you have set aside enough time to fully completerepparttar 109595 job.

While you're sorting your messages, you may find several items that have not yet been addressed but need to be. Try to address these before filing them, or make a note on your calendar or to-do list. Alternatively, if your email system hasrepparttar 109596 capability, you can mark them for completion later. Be aware however: If you filerepparttar 109597 messages away you are not likely to address them later unless you have something scheduled that reminds you to. So, if you can, it is better to address them now and get them out ofrepparttar 109598 way.

If your email program hasrepparttar 109599 ability to link messages to contacts, I strongly suggest using this feature. This isrepparttar 109600 primary reason I use repparttar 109601 GoldMine software. With GoldMine, I can keep a running history for each and every person I come into contact with. All email messages sent or received can be filed intorepparttar 109602 history right along withrepparttar 109603 appointments, phone calls, faxes, project notes and any other correspondence I have accumulated.

By utilizing contact management software that files email according torepparttar 109604 person whomrepparttar 109605 email is from or to, you do not have to continuously search through various email folders when trying to find a specific item.

Ongoing Habits

Now, once you have spentrepparttar 109606 initial time needed to organize your inbox, it is fairly easy to keep it organized from that point forward. It may take a bit of effort to get intorepparttar 109607 habit inrepparttar 109608 first week or two, but usuallyrepparttar 109609 joy of having it all cleaned out helps to motivate you into keeping it cleaned.

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Email Marketing Is Alive And Well

Written by Lisa O'Connor

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If you are going to use your autoresponder to handle your ezine/e-newsletter, make sure it can handle your subscribe and unsubscribe tasks. Your autoresponder can stay in contact with your customers informing them of new products/services, follow-up on sales, reminder of your products benefits, etc. Ezine Advertising ----------------- You can find ezines on practically every subject underrepparttar sun. Most people subscribe to at least one ezine that they receive by email on a regular basis. Ezine advertising is a great way to market your product/service. Do a search for ezines relative to what you offer and sign up (the majority of ezine/e-newsletters are free to join!). Some offer free advertising, some offer contests to win free advertising, most offer very reasonable advertising rates. Solo mailings arerepparttar 109593 most effective form of ezine/e-newsletter advertising. Your ad is sent, alone, torepparttar 109594 ezine's entire subscriber base! You could also find affordable advertising through ezine co-ops. Purchasing advertising through an ezine co-op will place your classified ad in numerous ezines for one price. You'll be added to each ezine's subscriber base. Most ask that you stay subscribed until your ad is run. Here are some great co-ops to check out; Essential Team http:/ EzineAd.Net http:/ 2Bucks an Ad http:/ My Wizard Ads http:/ Here are two sites where you can earn free advertising; Free Solo Ads Free Ezine Advertising Signature Tags -------------- Signature tags are little blurbs atrepparttar 109595 end of your email messages. They should be about 2-3 lines total length. Make sure they include your website address or business email address. Signature tags are a great way to get in some free advertising. Include them each email you send out! You could also partner with someone who has a product/service relative to yours. Each time they send out an email your signature tag is included and vice versa. Letterhead ---------- Make and save an email template (in notepad or similar program) and put your advertisement atrepparttar 109596 top of each email you send out! Again, keep this short, about 2-3 lines maximum. Each time you send out an email, insert your template first before composing your message. Your ad will berepparttar 109597 first thing seen each time your message is read!

Yes, email marketing is alive and well! With aggressive and effective email marketing you should successfully grow your business! Marketing = prospects = customers!

Lisa O'Connor is the editor of Womanhood ezine. An ezine in beautiful color dedicated to empowerment, education, enrichment, and support of women from all walks of life. Articles, resources, helpful links, opportunities and much more. Subscribe and receive a free gift!

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