Organizing Your Email

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

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Once you have decided how you want to organize your email, set uprepparttar folders and then go through each and every item in your inbox. This isrepparttar 109506 part that may take hours so make sure you have set aside enough time to fully completerepparttar 109507 job.

While you're sorting your messages, you may find several items that have not yet been addressed but need to be. Try to address these before filing them, or make a note on your calendar or to-do list. Alternatively, if your email system hasrepparttar 109508 capability, you can mark them for completion later. Be aware however: If you filerepparttar 109509 messages away you are not likely to address them later unless you have something scheduled that reminds you to. So, if you can, it is better to address them now and get them out ofrepparttar 109510 way.

If your email program hasrepparttar 109511 ability to link messages to contacts, I strongly suggest using this feature. This isrepparttar 109512 primary reason I userepparttar 109513 GoldMine software. With GoldMine, I can keep a running history for each and every person I come into contact with. All email messages sent or received can be filed intorepparttar 109514 history right along withrepparttar 109515 appointments, phone calls, faxes, project notes and any other correspondence I have accumulated.

By utilizing contact management software that files email according torepparttar 109516 person whomrepparttar 109517 email is from or to, you do not have to continuously search through various email folders when trying to find a specific item.

Ongoing Habits

Now, once you have spentrepparttar 109518 initial time needed to organize your inbox, it is fairly easy to keep it organized from that point forward. It may take a bit of effort to get intorepparttar 109519 habit inrepparttar 109520 first week or two, but usuallyrepparttar 109521 joy of having it all cleaned out helps to motivate you into keeping it cleaned.

Excerpt from: "Don't Put Into Email Today What You Do Not Want to See on Headline News Tomorrow" - A Guide To Effective And Professional Email Communication. Read it free at

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Ignoring These Tips Could Result in an Inbox Full of Spam

Written by Anti Spam League

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4) Remove your email address from your website. If you list or link to your email address, you can expect to be spammed. Thus, remove them wherever possible and use web-based forms instead. This will drastically cut downrepparttar amount of spam you receive if you have a website.

5) NEVER buy anything from a company that spams. Do not visit their sites or ask for more information from a spam email that you have received. In fact, not responding to spam isrepparttar 109505 single most effective way to not get scammed onrepparttar 109506 Internet.

6) Filter your email. Using spam filters is key to managing your email effectively.

7) Consider subscribing to a spam prevention service. Make sure that any software or system you select gives you control of which email you get and does not automatically erase messages. Also, safeguard your newsletter and discussion list subscriptions. If you, your ISP or web host use spam filters or white lists, be sure to let them know that you want to receive messages from any newsletters or discussion lists that you subscribe to.

8) Reportrepparttar 109507 spam to agencies that maintain statistics. Such agencies generally compile statistics that may be useful in setting policy. One trusted anti-spam organization where you can report spammers isrepparttar 109508 Anti-SPAM League. Learn how to become a member for free by visiting

9) Report fraudulent or otherwise illegal content to appropriate authorities. While fraud per se is an issue separate from spam, unsolicited email often contains offers for illegal or fraudulent products.

10) Contact your Internet Service Provider. Although this is unlikely to affectrepparttar 109509 amount of spam you receive since it is not their fault that their system was attacked from outside, ISPs want to know about spam attacks, either to learn how to protect their system, or to set policy.

11) Contactrepparttar 109510 sender's Internet Service Provider(s). Most ISPs inrepparttar 109511 world forbid their members to send spam. Therefore, if your complaint is valid, then there is a good chancerepparttar 109512 spammer will lose connectivity.

12) Demand restitution fromrepparttar 109513 spammer. If you continually receive spam from a single source, you have a right to demand repayment forrepparttar 109514 time and resourcesrepparttar 109515 spammer used.

13) Initiate legal action againstrepparttar 109516 spammer. This should be a last resort, as legal action is troublesome and expensive. However, well-executed legal action may do more than just get one spammer off your back: it may lowerrepparttar 109517 amount of spam onrepparttar 109518 Internet in general.

By forcing unsolicited and objectionable materials into our mailboxes, spam impairs our ability to communicate freely and costs Internet users billions of dollars annually. You do not have to put up with it: your best recourse is to protest to those who dump their trash on your disk drives! Organizations such as The Anti SPAM League give yourepparttar 109519 chance to report spamming companies and individuals and access valuable information on how to controlrepparttar 109520 spam problem. The Anti SPAM League serves as a resource to identify companies onrepparttar 109521 internet that are safe to do business with through its trust seal program. Also, to target which companies are trying to capture your personal information forrepparttar 109522 use of unsolicited mass marketing. Take a step forward inrepparttar 109523 battle against spam. Learn how to become a member for free by visiting

The purpose of the Anti SPAM League is to help consumers and business owners reduce the amount of SPAM they receive. In addition, our Anti SPAM organization believes that educating site owners in the area of SPAM prevention and ways to successfully and responsibly market their sites, is key in making a difference.

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