Organize Your Job Search

Written by Ryan Stewart

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* Space – Think ofrepparttar space you have to conduct your job search. If it is organized like an actual office, you will be more inclined to approach your job search in a professional frame of mind. The bare minimum you need is a comfortable chair, a desk or table devoted solely to your job search, a telephone and basic office materials; like notepaper, pens and highlighters. Of course, it is helpful if you have a computer and a fax machine. Other supplies that streamline your job search include: index cards, telephone directory, file folders and a calendar. Establish a filing system for each custom-tailored résumé you have. Consider having a separate file for each job you apply to that containsrepparttar 146306 positing or advertisement,repparttar 146307 cover letter you sent,repparttar 146308 résumé submitted and copies of company information you have researched. This will make it easy to document any conversations onrepparttar 146309 inside ofrepparttar 146310 manila folder and you can easily take that folder with you when you interview. * Contacts - A dynamic network of contacts is essential to any job search and successful career. Overrepparttar 146311 course of a typical job search campaign you will speak with hundreds of people so it is important to keep track of them. This is useful during your search as well as later on in your career. A great way to manage your contacts is a simple card file. Be sure to get a business card for anyone with whom you meet and develop a standard information card for those you encounter overrepparttar 146312 telephone or via e-mail. Trackrepparttar 146313 obvious information like name, title, address, telephone and fax number, but go one step further and trackrepparttar 146314 source ofrepparttar 146315 contact. Think of it likerepparttar 146316 “6 degrees of separation” game. This is a great way to effortlessly expand your network. Be sure to develop a system that allows you to set up follow up reminders for meetings and telephone calls.

You already know that searching for a new job can be both time consuming and overwhelming but being organized can help you manage your network, stay focused and maximize your available time. All these can lead to expanded opportunities, decreased frustration and perhaps a faster resolution to your job search!

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The Importance of Your Elevator Speech

Written by Ryan Stewart

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Obviously,repparttar second example generated greater interest. In this elevator speech, Chris whetrepparttar 146305 appetite of his listener by providing results and highlighted what he could give to an employer, NOT what he wanted from a company.

When you draft your elevator speech it is important that you start by writing downrepparttar 146306 specific deliverables that you can provide. Next, take these services and translate them into benefits that would appeal to a listener. While these benefits don’t have to synch up exactly torepparttar 146307 audience, they should be sound enough to elicit interest.

After this has been drafted, write an opening sentence. The best openers leave your listener interested in learning more. Imagine what Chris’ comment did for his audience - who wouldn’t want to know how he increased sales by 30%? It is also not necessary to include your title orrepparttar 146308 name of a current employer.

When you have writtenrepparttar 146309 basics, practice – a lot! No matter how exciting your elevator speech is, if you cannot deliver it effectively it is useless. Practice in front of a mirror, practice in front of your friends, record it and listen to it several times. When you are satisfied that you sound confident, professional and at-ease, try it out. Attend a local Chamber of Commerce mixer. This is a great way to mingle and practice your networking skills, including your newly minted elevator speech.

While your pitch is designed to be used when networking forrepparttar 146310 perfect pharmaceutical job, it can be used anytime. Job interviews are a great place to use your elevator speech, especially when you are confronted withrepparttar 146311 question “Why do you think you are right for this job”?

Remember that career design is not a single-pronged process and it is rarely a short endeavor. Withrepparttar 146312 proper preparation, research andrepparttar 146313 right amount of effort, you will be assured of building your network, perfecting your presentation and discovering a variety of pharmaceutical opportunities.

Ryan Stewart is the Founder, Owner, and Administrator of first-class Pharmaceutical Sales Job Search Megasite

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