Organic Search Engine Optimization

Written by Jeff Palmer

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Search spiders look primarily for text content when judging how a site is to be indexed. Sites which are built entirely of graphic elements or flash are not search friendly. Sites which feature an overuse of javascript and other dynamic content are not search friendly.

A multitude of factors are considered when optimizing forrepparttar search engines. Since different search engines follow different rules, andrepparttar 127815 rules often change, it is unlikely that every aspect of a web site will be perfectly matched to every search engine. The important thing to strive for is eliminatingrepparttar 127816 elements of a site that are known to cause problems, and emphasizing as many search friendly aspects as possible.

3. Usability A site which is difficult to navigate, slow to load, or leaves a user wondering exactly whatrepparttar 127817 site is all about is a site that is not going to perform very well. The flow of information within a web site must be logical and intuitive. Optimizing a site for performance is critical to its overall level of success. After all, what isrepparttar 127818 point of having a web site that ranks well in search engines if nobody can use it?

4. Inbound Links: The amount of inbound links to a web site has a direct effect onrepparttar 127819 search engine page ranking ofrepparttar 127820 site. Virtually all ofrepparttar 127821 popular search engines have methods of calculatingrepparttar 127822 link popularity of any given site. This makes inbound links an important area of organic optimization. The quality ofrepparttar 127823 inbound links can matter more thanrepparttar 127824 quantity. Search engines place more importance on relevant links from sites which they consider to be authorities on any given key phrase. Search engines strive to providerepparttar 127825 most relevant results possible by filtering out meaningless or “junk” links to a website. In some cases, large numbers of irrelevant inbound links are seen byrepparttar 127826 search engines as abuse or spamming. Practices such as “link farming” and “free-for-all” link pages are frowned upon.

Asrepparttar 127827 popularity of paid search advertising grows so doesrepparttar 127828 need for organic optimization. While paid search campaigns can offer short term exposure, organic optimization involves steady, long term results. And asrepparttar 127829 costs of paid search advertising continues to climb, organic optimization offersrepparttar 127830 assurance of appearing in search pages for natural searches.

By combining aspects of search engine technicalities, site structure and usablity, organic optimization not only focuses on search engine results but offersrepparttar 127831 end user of a site a quality experience.

Jeff Palmer is a Search Engine Optimization specialist and Senior Interactive Designer for Openvision an Internet marketing company located in Hilton Head Island South Carolina.

Relevance of Description Tags

Written by Brian Basson

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Keeprepparttar description tag relevant - make it an "extension" ofrepparttar 127814 page's title. Do not loose track of this fact. It sounds obvious, but we see websites allrepparttar 127815 time where webmasters are oblivious of this ! Atrepparttar 127816 same time, do not try to mislead potential visitors to your site - offer them exactly what they will find onrepparttar 127817 web page. You will find that visitors become repeat visitors, as content remains King, and all this due to a well planned description tag.

Conclusion :repparttar 127818 3 tags of a web page (title, description and keyword) goes hand in hand and supplementrepparttar 127819 contents of a web page - see them as intertwined, and dependent on one another. If one ofrepparttar 127820 components don't fit perfectly intorepparttar 127821 bigger picture, your web page is not optimized forrepparttar 127822 search engines ..... period !

Brian is a freelance writer, website marketing expert & webmaster of 3 websites, including Rank Advance at

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