Organic Lawn Care

Written by Hans Dekker

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A mulching mower solves two problems in organic lawn care with just a few swipes of its blades. First of all, when mowing, always keep a high clip (2 Ĺ to 3 inches) unless itís your final mowing inrepparttar fall. Short grass clippings and especially fine mulch from a mulching mower will fall in betweenrepparttar 113360 cut blades of grass and reachrepparttar 113361 soil where they quickly decay, adding nitrogen and other nutrients to your soil. Because grass is very efficient in its use of nitrogen, composting your lawn with grass clippings can radically cut down on your fertilization needs. Grass clippings alone can contribute up to two pounds ofrepparttar 113362 two to six pounds per 1000 square feet that your lawn needs to stay healthy.

During dry seasons, an organic lawn care basic is to water your lawn infrequently but deeply. Deep watering forces grass roots down while over-watering allows them to remain nearrepparttar 113363 top. Deeply rooted lawns better compete with invasive weeds.

In addition to helping your lawn retain moisture, annual lawn aeration is one organic lawn care method of giving easy growing room to roots and provides circulation forrepparttar 113364 colonies of critters that tend your soil. The best time to aerate your lawn is inrepparttar 113365 spring. Not only will spring aeration break uprepparttar 113366 compaction of frost and snow accumulated during winter, spring rains also help aeration clumps decay quickly, further enriching your topsoil.

Hans is the owner and one of the editors of The Lawn Mower Guide a Collection of Articles about Lawn Mowers and Lawn Care

Lawn Care Tips

Written by Hans Dekker

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3.Do you already have a lawn? Aerate it inrepparttar spring while itís still moist and beforerepparttar 113359 spring rains are done. Aerating your lawn inrepparttar 113360 springtime gives microbes and other small life forms a breath of fresh air after winter. Aeration also makes new paths for drainage and keeps your lawn from becoming saturated.

4.A lot is written about lawn fertilizer andrepparttar 113361 big question is why? Grass isrepparttar 113362 most efficient user of nitrogen on earth! Feed your soil with nutrient rich compost and let your lawn get its nutrientsrepparttar 113363 natural way. The more chemicals you use,repparttar 113364 more you disturbrepparttar 113365 natural biological processes that convert organic matter into nutrients andrepparttar 113366 microbes and other small organisms that take natural care of your lawn.

5.Mow your grass high. A 2 Ĺ to 3-inch high cut makes your lawn look fuller, feel softer, and helps keep it healthy. Taller grass shades pesky weed seeds and keeps them from getting established. In addition, a taller lawn is better able to absorb sunshine and better able to retain moisture,repparttar 113367 two main contributors to a healthy lawn.

6.Enjoy your lawn. After all, isnít that your main reason for having a yard?

Hans is the owner and one of the editors of Lawn Mower Guide a Collection of Articles about Lawn Mowers and Lawn Care

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