Order of Links on Reciprocal Links Pages

Written by Harold Stone

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By listing in order of Oldest Links First new links get added torepparttar end ofrepparttar 119356 list. When page 1 is full your new links start on page 2, then page 3, etc. The links on page 1 will never change their position,repparttar 119357 links on page 2 never change their position, etc. so your pages become static and remainrepparttar 119358 same, withrepparttar 119359 exception of whateverrepparttar 119360 last page is since it is a work in progress. My link checking script will be able to find my reciprocal link easily since it's url location at your site never changes. Of course, there arerepparttar 119361 infrequent times that a link could actually move up in position to a lower page number. For example, if a link on page 1 is deleted thenrepparttar 119362 top position link on page 2 moves to berepparttar 119363 last position link on page 1,repparttar 119364 top position link on page 3 moves torepparttar 119365 last position on page 2, etc. The same will occur for all subsequent pages. This does not happen very often, and if you are trading honest links with each other, may never happen unless a site closes down.

Listing your reciprocal links in order of "Oldest Links First" is a much fairer and honorable way to treat your link partners since your oldest, and most loyal partners, will always be nearerrepparttar 119366 top ofrepparttar 119367 list inrepparttar 119368 order they exchanged links with you. Your linking partnership with other webmasters should always be honest.... and fair.

Harold Stone is the co-founder of Honest Links. Honest Links is a community of webmasters who have agreed to exchange quality, visible links to increase traffic to their sites. http://www.honestlinks.net

How popular are you,... online that is?

Written by Burke Ferguson

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Now, a small way to build your popularity is by going torepparttar altavista.com engine and type in "link:yourcompetitor.com", andrepparttar 119355 results that show up will tell you what sites have posted links to your competitor's websites.

Then simply visit a site and look for a contact method, be it an email address, phone number, etc. and express an interest to them in trading links. It is a win-win method for both sites so, you have nothing to lose. Some might happily oblige, and some might not. Itís certainly worth a try.

In summary, link popularity can be a never ending chore if you have a website. This is because having links on related websites to your website is a very good form of Targeted Traffic which never really quits, because most related links stay up for a long period of time, thus providing a continuous stream of targeted traffic, which, byrepparttar 119356 way is totally cost free.

And Search Engine traffic and reciprocal link traffic arerepparttar 119357 best forms of Targeted Traffic there is online. And both are free.

Burke Ferguson of altacanweb.com, holds both a BSc. degree in Computer Programming as well as Certification in Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Strategies. He regularly publishes The ACE! newsletter in which he shares his experience, methods, and "secrets" with his readers and subscribers. Burke can be contacted at his ezine website at the-ace-ezine.com.

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