Orchid Growing for Beginners

Written by Bob Roy

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Growing orchids like Paphiopedilum and epidendrum should be slightly moist so that watering can be twice a week.


Ifrepparttar humidity in your home is low (below 40%) you may need to either mistrepparttar 140968 plant occasionally or use a humidity tray. The tray is simply a metal or plastic tray that is filled with pebbles and 1/2 of water. The plant would sit would sit onrepparttar 140969 pebbles. Be sure not to letrepparttar 140970 plant or roots sit inrepparttar 140971 water while onrepparttar 140972 tray.

The Right Lighting

Growing orchids for beginners requiresrepparttar 140973 right light. It isrepparttar 140974 next most important element to growing orchid plants. As a general statement most orchid house plants do well in medium light. This would in a window or an area that could get about 4 hours of sun or bright light a day. Cattleya orchids do well in this light but can also do well in a sunlit area for up to six hours. Phals do well in indirect but bright light.

What about temperature?

Most orchids do well in normal house temperature. The low temperature at night do not impederepparttar 140975 growth. Here is a little guide you can use. Growing orchids for beginners should understand that there needs to be fluctuation in temperatures in order forrepparttar 140976 plants to bloom. For example, there should be about 10 degree fluctuation for cattleyas betweenrepparttar 140977 day and night temps.

Orchid Genre Minimum temp Degrees F Maximum temp Degrees F Phalaenopsis

Vanda 60 90 Paphiopedilum (mottle leaf)



Epidendum 55 85 Paphiopedilum (green leaf)


Miltonia 50 80

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The Orchid Myths - What is the Truth

Written by Bob Roy

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Epiphytes air plants (majority of orchids) grow on trees Lithophytes air plants grow on rock surfaces Saprophytes air plants grown on decaying vegetation Terrestrials ground plants grow in soil

#3 Do orchids only last a short time? Onrepparttar contrary most species can last for years if taken care of. There are some plants which were propagated inrepparttar 140945 18th century and continue to live today.

#4 How often do they bloom? It varies according torepparttar 140946 variety and hybrid but they can bloom from once to 2 - 4 times a year. The blossoms can last for weeks to months which is a real plus.

#5 How old is my plant? Orchids can take years to come to maturity and bloom. Typically,repparttar 140947 plants are anywhere from 5 to 8 years old.

#6 Is conservation of orchids important? According torepparttar 140948 American Orchid Society this is a priority. Threats to orchids come primarily from loss of habitat and collecting. The AOS encouragesrepparttar 140949 purchase of only artificially propagated orchids.

#7 Should orchids be protected from a draft?,/b> This could be another orchid myths,butrepparttar 140950 answer is no, orchids prefer moving air but should not be over a heating or air conditioning vent.

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