Optimizing Your Site For Directories

Written by J. Alarcon

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Submission Recommendations

Each directory has its own rules and guide- lines for submitting. Readrepparttar submission instructions carefully to avoid being rejected or banned.

Look at your submission fromrepparttar 128221 editor's point of view. Did you choose a category that is relevant to your site? Is your title and description relevant to your content? Isrepparttar 128222 form filled out completely?

If there is a comments box onrepparttar 128223 application, point outrepparttar 128224 strengths of your site. Find something unique about your site that will add value torepparttar 128225 directory.

Recommendations for Better Placement

Most category search results are displayed in alphabetical order. So, you will get better placement if your company name begins with a letter close torepparttar 128226 beginning ofrepparttar 128227 alphabet.

Keyword search results are displayed in order of relevance torepparttar 128228 keyword. So, it's crucial to include your single most important keyword inrepparttar 128229 title and description.

Following Up

Most directories will give you an estimate ofrepparttar 128230 time it takes to get listed. If you don't get in byrepparttar 128231 estimated time, submit again and follow up with email or a phone call.

Tell them that you appreciate their time and realze that things fall throughrepparttar 128232 cracks. Tell them why you think they will benefit by including your site in their index. Tell them that you have submitted a second time and look forward to their response.

Words of Caution

Only submitrepparttar 128233 main page of your web site. Additional pages will be rejected.

Never submit your site over and over. That will only irritaterepparttar 128234 editor and you may never get listed.

Don't submit to a regional directory that is not relevant to your site.

Don't submit your site until it's 100% ready for review.

All ofrepparttar 128235 above will easily take you hundreds and hundreds of hours of pure work.

Do you want to drive mega traffic to your site by ranking high at allrepparttar 128236 top 100 major search engines and directories?

Do you want to save hundreds of painful hours of pure grinding labor?

If you answered yes torepparttar 128237 above questions, read below.

To your success.

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A Short Cut For Achieving Top Search Engine

Written by Abd Sams

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Don't just bid on two or three keywords. Do not just bid on six or twelve. Try to bid on 20, 50, 100, or as many as 500 keywords. This way you might achieve 20, 50, or 100 times more traffic to your site.

In order to submit many keyword bids, use Goto's spreadsheet template which you can download. You fill it out and then return it.

Try to fit your keyword listing intorepparttar popular categories, such as travel, sports, computers, etc. You'll get a lot more traffic to your site if your listing appears atrepparttar 128220 top 3 bids. Why? Becauserepparttar 128221 top listings atrepparttar 128222 popular categiories will show up onrepparttar 128223 search engine site's home page.

It's an effective strategy to focus on only one product or service in promoting; don't try to promote an entire category of products.

Do not send your potential customers to a web site that will confuse them; makerepparttar 128224 web page that you're planning to send them specifically designed for a particular product, service, or program.

Strategies To Boost Your Click Throughs

Bid for a lower not too expensive position forrepparttar 128225 more popular keywords.

Study and pay careful attention to each popular keyword andrepparttar 128226 price at which each advertiser is paying for that position.

You don't necessarily have to be first. Some advertisers in order to have first place positions are paying mountains of money and draining their account, sometimes without generating enough sales. You can easily get a decent position, like third or fourth place very cheaply.

Aim to get listed onrepparttar 128227 first page, whether you're tenth or sixteenth place. Research have shown that listings atrepparttar 128228 top and bottom of premium pages are far more likely to get clicked on as opposed torepparttar 128229 middle.

You must strive to write a good ad copy that jumps out atrepparttar 128230 potential customer. Your headline will greatly determine how many targeted potential visitors you'll get at your web site. Tell them in your copy what you're promoting and a number of good reasons why they should click on your link to visit your site.

Bid for only keywords that are relevant to your project. Do not waste your limited resources on keywords that will not help sell and promote your products and services. It's a good strategy to bid as many relevant keywords as possible. You will get a lot more potential customers visiting your site. You will be able to get sometimes effective clicks for pennies!

Tracking Your Keywords

You got to track your keywords. You got to know which keywords are gettingrepparttar 128231 most clicks. As you monitor your keywords, you will be able to better tune your efforts by upgradingrepparttar 128232 value of your bids, increasing and removing keywords. You must check your keyword position on a consistent daily basis to be on top. Others will bid for top keyword positions and can drive your keyword position down really fast!

All of this keyword maintenance, keyword brain-storming, and bidding will easily absorb 20 to 30 hours of your time each week!

Do you want to save plenty of your precious time by automatically checking your existing and possible Goto keyword bids?

Do you want to save more time by automatically daily updating your Goto keyword positions?

Do you want to save even more time by easily managing an unlimited number of keywords?

Do you want to save a lot of money by identifying keyword bidding opportunities by showing pricing gaps for your keywords? (if yes, go down torepparttar 128233 bottom for further details.)

Do you want to stay on top of your keyword bidding status without having to manually search keywords to findrepparttar 128234 price for your optimum position?

Do you want to get an accurate picture ofrepparttar 128235 top 20 Goto bid positions for any keyword you choose?

Do you want to be notified daily via email of changes in your keyword bid positions?

Do you want your keywords arranged alphabetically?

If you answered yes to all or any ofrepparttar 128236 above, visit our site now and see allrepparttar 128237 features our Keyword Bid Optimizer tool has to offer. Start saving tons of time and money. http://www.kbo.vze.com

Abd Sams If you answered yes to all or any of the above, visit our site now and see all the features our Keyword Bid Optimizer tool has to offer. Start saving tons of time and money. http://www.kbo.vze.com

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