Optimizing Your Sales Letter

Written by Sean Burns

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If you have testimonials for your product, includerepparttar ones that contain your keywords nearrepparttar 128010 top of your page. Obviously you shouldn't re-write a testimonial but if you have a couple that do actually contain your keywords, make them prominent. Prominent, from a search engine perspective, is as high up your page as possible.

Bold Text: Things such as bold text andrepparttar 128011 use of italics can have some effect on how wellrepparttar 128012 search engines rank your page. It won't have a huge effect but in this situation we are trying to optimize everything that we can. Sales letters are often filled with bold text, italics, different colors and so on. It's important that you make important points stand out on your page.

Now, you can make important points stand out forrepparttar 128013 search engines also. Try to be sparing with your use of bold text and try, where possible, to only use it to highlight points that include your keywords. As I said, only do this where possible - don't go through changing your whole sales letter.

These are just a few little things that you can do to optimize your sales letter. Don't forget to also get links pointing to your sales letter and, where possible, use keywords inrepparttar 128014 anchor text. For example, my book is called Rankings Revealed but I try to get links to my sales page to say "Search Engine Rankings Revealed".

Don't Optimize Your Letter

As I said earlier, this isrepparttar 128015 approach that I prefer. I don't optimize sales letters at all. I use other pages to try to draw traffic fromrepparttar 128016 search engines. These pages establish my credentials and I then forward them torepparttar 128017 sales letter.

You should compile a list of relevant keywords and phrases and then write some informative articles that focus on each of these. Now, articles offer a much easier way to get your keywords intorepparttar 128018 important places - headline, first few paragraphs and so on. Optimize these articles as much as possible using Title tags, Headings, Bold text and so on.

Add these to your site and link to them from wherever you can. Make sure thatrepparttar 128019 link text uses keywords.

Each article should have a few prominent links torepparttar 128020 sales letter for your product. These could be inrepparttar 128021 actual text ofrepparttar 128022 article or you could just provide a link fromrepparttar 128023 end ofrepparttar 128024 article.

You can also add these articles to all ofrepparttar 128025 article directories online. The benefits of this are twofold. The article itself can draw search engine traffic - even if it is on another site. Then, people followrepparttar 128026 link to your sales letter. Also, this link torepparttar 128027 sales letter will increase it's link popularity.

Please Note: If you are going to submitrepparttar 128028 article to other sites, you shouldn't really have links to your sales letter inrepparttar 128029 body ofrepparttar 128030 article. Just link to it from your bio box atrepparttar 128031 bottom.

You should never compromiserepparttar 128032 quality of your sales letter in order to get traffic fromrepparttar 128033 search engines. Obviously traffic fromrepparttar 128034 search engines is very important - largely because you don't need to pay anyone a commission to get a sale. However, if you look for other ways to get good rankings you'll findrepparttar 128035 options are there. This may not be a direct approach but it will work.

There you have a couple of ways to get traffic fromrepparttar 128036 search engines to your sales page. Again,repparttar 128037 second option works much better for me because it allows a much greater degree of flexibility and allows me to target a much wider range of keywords. This approach may not work for you and you may find that you can optimize your sales letter page without harming your conversion rate.

Do some testing and you'll soon find which is more suitable for your situation.

Sean Burns has over six years experience in setting up, maintaining and profiting from websites from the comfort of his home. Sean is also the author of Rankings Revealed which shows you how easy it is to achieve top 10 rankings on the major search engines - http://www.webmastersreference.com/.

Pay per click tracking

Written by Joel Strellner

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The most common method of pay per click tracking is using a special URL in your ads.

For example: http://www.yourwebsiteaddress.com/track.php?src=google&term=scented%20candle

The special URL will allow you to determinerepparttar source ofrepparttar 128009 click (inrepparttar 128010 example above, Google) and more importantlyrepparttar 128011 term (inrepparttar 128012 example above, "Scented candle").

The software is most typically implemented in either PHP or Perl and storesrepparttar 128013 information aboutrepparttar 128014 user in MySQL or any ofrepparttar 128015 other major databases. The most common information logged is date, time, IP address, session id, referrer, current page and their user agent.

Benefits of PPC tracking

Based onrepparttar 128016 above example ofrepparttar 128017 candle business we were able to determine thatrepparttar 128018 business was only generating 2 sales per day from Google, however it was generating 18 sales per day via Overture. Because we only generated two sales on Google we are able to determine if it is cost effective to continue advertising with google (e.g. generating a profit or losing money through advertising) or to take our advertising dollars elsewhere.

The primary benefits are:

* Save advertising money by advertising wiser. * The ability to testrepparttar 128019 effectiveness of changes in your ad copy. * Assist in your website layout (e.g. make it easier to navigate and purchase).


Tracking your advertising is beneficial to any business that advertises online, businesses that are big (Bank of America, Monster.com, Capital One, Progressive Auto Insurance) all do it and so do your competitors. Don't let your competition gain an advantage; start tracking your users today! If used right, you will be glad that you did!

Joel Strellner is a freelance web designer and php programmer located in Sacramento, CA. You can visit his website at http://www.joelstrellner.com. This article and many more are available there too.

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