Optimizing Dynamic Pages - Part I

Written by Dale Goetsch

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What does a robot do? Search engine robots are very simple creatures. They can "read" text, and they can follow links. That's it. Robots cannot view a Flash movie, they cannot fill in a form, and they cannot click a "submit" button. What that means is that no matter how much great information your web page may contain, if a visitor has to select it from a list, or type a password, or submit a form full of information to get there, no robot will ever visit that page.

The origins of dynamic pages Most dynamic web pages are generated in response to queries run against databases. Behind your widget website there is a large database of widgets. When a visitor comes to your site and looks for left-handed blue widgets, it is this database that suppliesrepparttar response. The database provides that information to repparttar 128000 visitor. Typicallyrepparttar 128001 visitor checks a box or selects from a list or even types text ontorepparttar 128002 page and presses a "submit" button. Once she jumps through those hoops, your visitor gets her page full of left-handed blue widgets.

I can't see you Unfortunately, when a search engine robot visits this page, it cannot check that box, it cannot select from that list, and it cannot clickrepparttar 128003 "submit" button. Put simply,repparttar 128004 robot cannot get to page of widgets. Ifrepparttar 128005 robot can't get there,repparttar 128006 page will not be included inrepparttar 128007 search engine database. If it's not inrepparttar 128008 database, searchers cannot find it.

So how do you get there? So how do we attract other visitors to our dynamic page of left-handed blue widgets? There must be some way to get there without having to click on that "submit" button.

Next month we will look at several ways to get search engine robots to visit dynamic web pages. Stay tuned.

Dale Goetsch is the Technical Consultant for Search Innovation Marketing (http://www.searchinnovation.com), a Search Engine Promotion company serving small businesses and non-profits. He has over twelve years experience in software development. Along with programming in Perl, JavaScript, ASP and VB, he is a technical writer and editor, with an emphasis on making technical subjects accessible to non-technical readers.

KEYWORD POWER! Stop Fumbling Around In the Dark! Get Qualified Traffic Now!

Written by Jeff Smith

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Here's a little known secret.

People look for information online - they don't look for products.

So - what you need to do is attract your visitors with content,repparttar content they are looking for AND THEN have links and a menu that lead them to your products.

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KEYWORD Tip #4: Keywords Help You Find Super Affiliates

When you arm yourself withrepparttar 128000 list of most popular keywords your most qualified visitors use to find information related to your products -- you can use that information to form SUPER affiliate joint ventures which will let you sit back and watchrepparttar 128001 money roll in.

Seek out those sites that are performing best and optimized best for your target market's most searched keywords - then make really good friends FAST!

Because they can make you a truckload of sales in next to no time.

KEYWORD Tip #5 It'srepparttar 128002 ONLY Thing We Really Know About Online.

Keywords don't lie.

The fact that "travel book" gets roughly doublerepparttar 128003 searches as "travel information" tells you exactly how people are searching for your information (assuming you've written a travel book)

When it comes right down to it -repparttar 128004 comings and goings of people onrepparttar 128005 internet is far from an exact science, no matter whatrepparttar 128006 "guru's" tell you.

But...KEYWORDS put you back inrepparttar 128007 driver seat, give yourepparttar 128008 tools to sell products online and bring your stress level down to a level where you may not even know who you are anymore.

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