Optimize Your Web Site Pt2

Written by Darren Yates

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The other benefit of these toolbars is that they track sites that you visit. Not in an intrusive way and totally anonymously. What this means is that if you visit your own site regularly just by havingrepparttar toolbars installed you will boost its rankings. ;-)

I recommend you install both these tools. They install acrossrepparttar 139639 top of Internet Explorer underneathrepparttar 139640 address bar. It only takes a minute or two for installation and its done without any need to download software. Once installed you can always right click them and close them if they get inrepparttar 139641 way. Very handy little things.

To check a sites link popularity try this handy online tool

10: Search Engines and Submissions. To round off this article and tie things up I'm going to say a little bit about which search engines to submit to and why, how to go about it and why you need not pay anything to get intorepparttar 139642 major SE's.

Google is king ofrepparttar 139643 search engines producingrepparttar 139644 most accurate and relevant results for any search and up until recently it 'crawled/spidered'repparttar 139645 web once every six weeks or so, doing what was calledrepparttar 139646 'Google dance'. So called because as their database was updated ranking of sites could shift dramatically for a few days before settling back down. This has now stopped as of Q2 2003.

Google now crawls constantly and there is no longer any major shift in listings. Entry into Google is free and can be very quick, probablyrepparttar 139647 quickest outside paid listing. A site should appear in Google within six weeks of submittingrepparttar 139648 URL. This is still a long time to wait, but it works out quite well if you userepparttar 139649 next little tactic I'll explain afterrepparttar 139650 next two paragraphs.

Relationships betweenrepparttar 139651 SE's have changed dramatically yet again overrepparttar 139652 last 12 months.

(For a very useful and informative illustration ofrepparttar 139653 current Major SE relationships take a look at this chart. If your new to SE optimising you'll probably find this a real eye opener)

Google has been supplying search results for AOL and Yahoo amongst others. Yahoo has bought outrepparttar 139654 major SE Overture for millions of dollars and a few months later bought out another less well known but significant SE, inktomi, who actually supply listings to MSN, Overture, HotBot, BBC, About.com again for millions of dollars.

Yahoo is now basically consolidating these engines and will I'm sure restructure its own sites search algorithms to bring these engines online. Yahoo currently charges for a listing in its directory $299 last time I checked. But since they brought their new search engine seperate from their directory there's no need to pay to enter yahoo.

By farrepparttar 139655 fastest and most cutting edge way to get your site crawled byrepparttar 139656 search engines is to use a tactic called Blog and Ping. This will callrepparttar 139657 main search engine spiders over to your site when you choose and get you indexed within days. Keep this up and your whole site, all its pages, will be indexed before you know it. Click onrepparttar 139658 link above for more info from my friend Rick Butts.

(One word of warning stay away fromrepparttar 139659 'Submit your site to 1500 search engine' style links you find all overrepparttar 139660 web these days, you'll just end up with loads of spam emails. The majority of SE traffic comes fromrepparttar 139661 top six SE's.)

Hand submission or automated software? Well neither really these days. You can have your home page indexed simply by finding another site to exchange links with. Google actually states that they prefer to find sites by crawlingrepparttar 139662 web rather than through their submission service. This will work much faster thanrepparttar 139663 submission service.

If you do decide to submit torepparttar 139664 search engines then ordinarily I would recommend submitting by hand one at a time. I've done this forrepparttar 139665 last five years. Simply becauserepparttar 139666 software available to submit a site wasn't up torepparttar 139667 job. But finally there is a piece of software that is up torepparttar 139668 job and more than that it helps withrepparttar 139669 choice of keywords, checksrepparttar 139670 optimisation of your site pages, checks for broken links, reveals your link popularity, tracks and reports visitors to your

site and will report on your position in allrepparttar 139671 major engines for your chosen keywords.

Inrepparttar 139672 past there was a chance that a site could be blacklisted or not even listed if it was submitted by software. This software gets around this problem by simulating a browser whenever it deals withrepparttar 139673 search engines, be it submitting your site or reporting on its ranking.

I now use this for all my own and client sites. Finally I can saverepparttar 139674 time I used to spend on submitting by hand. You can download a free trial from www.webceo.com. If you would still prefer to go downrepparttar 139675 hand submission route - Here's a page with links torepparttar 139676 submission pages of around 30 search engines.

Conclusion I hope you enjoyed reading what has turned out to be a rather long article and found something new and useful within it.

It goes without saying that you should applyrepparttar 139677 above techniques torepparttar 139678 individual pages of your site. Start withrepparttar 139679 important and most relevant content based pages and work backwards from there. Finally one more online tool to help you check your site for errors.

How-to-make-money-online.info is a site focused on Making Money Online listing the many and varied ways of making money online.

Feel free to reprint and distribute this article as you like. All that we ask is that you do not make any changes, that this resource text is include, and that the links above are intact.

Yahoo SM vs. Google AdWords

Written by Shawn Campbell

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Keyphrase comparison

I have bid on some keyphrases from February 1st to April 30th, and held them in similar positions during that time. These numbers are for search related impressions only. These campaigns were not involved in content advertising.
"Okeeffe print(s)" #3 position

1 click 8 impressions 12.5% CT rate $0.10 cost per click

Google: 63 clicks 1642 impressions 3.8% CT rate $0.13 cost per click

"Ansel Adams photo(s)" #5-6 position

Yahoo: 20 clicks 2401 impressions 0.8% CT rate $0.05 cost per click Google: 25 clicks 2529 impressions 1.0% CT rate $0.06 cost per click


Our client February Point counted emails + contact forms as conversions. Here is a comparison from February 1st to April 30th.
"Real estate Bahamas" #3 position
Yahoo: 1037 clicks 19 879 impressions 5.2% CT rate $0.34 cost per click 3 conversions 0.30% conversion rate Google: 1557 clicks 35 348 impressions 4.4% CT rate $0.45 cost per click 13 conversions 0.84% conversion rate

Clearly then, Google AdWords is a better choice if you are interested in clicks, impressions, and conversions. If you wantrepparttar lower cost per click forrepparttar 139616 same position, it would seem that Yahoo isrepparttar 139617 better choice (though conversions are lower).


- FindWhat is possiblyrepparttar 139618 third biggest pay-per-click (PPC) search engine, although there are a few that might be its equal: Kanoodle, GoClick, 7Search, Search123.

- E-spotting is very big inrepparttar 139619 UK, and competes heavily with Google and Yahoo inrepparttar 139620 PPC marketplace.

- MSN is getting ready to launch its own PPC engine to compete with Google and Yahoo (MSN currently uses Yahoo SM on its site). No date yet, but watch out for it.


To sum up, you will definitely have more control over your money with Yahoo's system. It is more open and honest, and you will pay less per click than with Google's system. Google does not tell you why you are paying what you are paying, but it does haverepparttar 139621 added bonus of rewarding you with rank for a better converting ad.

Of course, Google does get more traffic and it converts better than Yahoo, and inrepparttar 139622 end, isn't that what we're all looking for? Thus, Google should berepparttar 139623 winning choice for anyone that is looking to convert clickers into buyers. Because after all, who doesn't want to increase their sales?

Shawn Campbell is an enthusiastic player in the ecommerce marketplace, and co-founded Red Carpet Web Promotion, Inc. He has been researching and developing marketing strategies to achieve more prominent listings in search engine results since 1998. Shawn is one of the earliest pioneers in the search engine optimization field.

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