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Written by Anthony Parsons

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This can save you literally thousands of dollars by having an SEO fix something you have either paid for already, or spent a lot of time on yourself. It is much easier to have a professional SEO evaluaterepparttar one page, pay them forrepparttar 127968 extra information you require, such as all relevant keywords, copywriting advice for each page that you have planned, etc. It is money in your pocket, think smart about how you do business and get it right fromrepparttar 127969 start. I am sure this is how most successful businesses work or else they would be broke having to correct faults constantly. SEO is no different, a couple of hundred or so well spent dollars inrepparttar 127970 design phase of a website, can save thousands, trust me on this, I do it and see it often.

Anthony Parsons has been performing search engine optimization since 1998. In late 2003 I decided to fly solo and opened my own SEO business to service the global community. With my wife being an acknowledged copywriter, anthonyparsons.com as a business will continue stepping forward breaking the boundaries of conventional SEO techniques. Making a winning husband and wife team, we make SEO affordable for all budgets.

PPC For Dummies - Part Two Of Two

Written by Scott Van Achte

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Unfortunately there is no way to see whatrepparttar competition is paying, so in most cases it's a bit of a duck hunt inrepparttar 127967 beginning. I suggest starting out with a MAX CPC slightly higher than you would normally, this will give you a slightly higher ranking and increase your chances of accumulating clicks. If your ad performs really well your rank will increase. As you begin to establish a good click through rate (CTR) you can adjust your max CPC to reflectrepparttar 127968 position you wish to obtain. (See part one of this article to find out how Google ranks ads.)

Creating your ads for Overture With Overture, writingrepparttar 127969 perfect ad is slightly different than with AdWords. Overture only allows you to create one ad per keyword, so this takes awayrepparttar 127970 option of trying out various ads and going withrepparttar 127971 obvious winner, however,repparttar 127972 basis for creating your initial ad remains virtuallyrepparttar 127973 same. After you have selected your target market and main keywords, write a specific ad targeting each individual keyword and be sure to includerepparttar 127974 keyword inrepparttar 127975 title or beginning ofrepparttar 127976 main body text along with a call to action phrase or something that is sure to draw attention. Remember to checkrepparttar 127977 status of your ads on a weekly basis, and tweak as needed. Keep and eye on your click through rate and regularly tweak poorly performing ads

Determining your Max Cost Per Click with Overture Deciding how much to spend on Overture is simple. Take a look at whatrepparttar 127978 competition is spending, and out bid them. With Overture you should always try to be inrepparttar 127979 top 3 if you wish to have your ad dispersed among partner sites. (Yahoo, Lycos, MSN, etc). Ifrepparttar 127980 number 1 spot is currently paying 25 cents per click you need only bid 26 cents to grabrepparttar 127981 number 1 spot. If you wantrepparttar 127982 number one spot, but are also willing to pay more, you can bid 40 cents, and will only be chargedrepparttar 127983 26 cents. One penny aboverepparttar 127984 competition. Keep in mind though, if someone else increases their bid, your actual cost will also increase up torepparttar 127985 max CPC you have entered.

Managing an AdWords or Overture PPC campaign can be confusing at first, but it doesn't take long to get a handle on what works. Creating a highly successful adrepparttar 127986 first time around with either AdWords or Overture is a rare occurrence, but with a bit of regular maintenance and a well targeted campaign it won't take long to start seeing results.

Scott Van Achte is a Search Engine Optimization Professional and PPC Manager at StepForth Search Engine Placement Inc. Based in Victoria, BC, Canada. You can read more of Scott's articles and those of the StepForth team at http://news.stepforth.com or contact us at http://www.stepforth.com/ Tel - 250-385-1190 Toll Free - 877-385-5526 Fax - 250-385-1198

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