Optical illusions when snowboarding

Written by Jakob Jelling

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If you time everything correctly you will completerepparttar maneuver just as your reachrepparttar 142435 peak hieght of your air. At this point it is time to start returning to your normal position and preparing forrepparttar 142436 landing. The hardest thing to realign is your feet. Make sure you focus on twisting them back to normal even before you start to untwist your upper body. As you approachrepparttar 142437 ground make sure that you are looking where you want to go, that your snowboard is straight and your knees are slightly bent to absorbrepparttar 142438 impact.

As you can see a Shifty is an interesting optical illusion that you can easily learn to do. While challenging yourself is a great way to improve your skills quickly, begin learning this one by turning only 45-degreesrepparttar 142439 first few times. This will help you avoid an uncomfortable landing that can put an end do your day of snowboarding.

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Nike Dri Fit Tiger Woods Golf Shoes-Not Just Golf Shoes

Written by Mike Ross

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Nike designs its best golf shoes as if they're a pair of high caliber athletic cross-training shoes. These Nike shoes still come withrepparttar features that make them excellent golf shoes, such as strong spikes and great support. But they also come with heel construction and sole support that usually comes with shoes meant to handlerepparttar 142434 stress of repetitive walking.

Forrepparttar 142435 soles,repparttar 142436 Nikes have a lower midsole, too, since golfers don't need as much cushion as, say, a runner. But golf players still do need some cushion from their shoes for their 18 holes of golf, so Nike has justrepparttar 142437 right amount. With this support and padding in their shoes, Nike makes sure that you can concentrate on your golf game, not your feet.

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