Optical Illusions of Interior Decorating: How to Make the Most of Your Living Space

Written by Holly Linington

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1. Create Sub-sections - Establish individual areas for conversation, reading, games or just plain relaxing. Partitioning a room in a way that’s invisible or apparent will help you makerepparttar most of a large, luxurious space.

2. Anglerepparttar 142863 Furniture - Move sofas and chairs out fromrepparttar 142864 walls and angle them into groups. This will facilitate conversation and giverepparttar 142865 room a more inviting feel.

3. Add Area Rugs - Break up large floor spaces, whether hardwood or wall-to-wall carpet, with an assortment of area rugs. This will add character and makerepparttar 142866 room cozier.

4. Use Larger Furniture Pieces - Do not be timid about using over-scaled furniture, such as tall armoires, deep sofas, and high-backed chairs. In proportion torepparttar 142867 large space, they will fit right in.

5. Include Other Minimizing Objects - Visually divide uprepparttar 142868 room with decorative folding screens and tall plants. These will giverepparttar 142869 illusion of multiple small spaces within a large room.


Window treatments are a critical part of any room whether large or small. Here are a few tips to keep in mind, depending onrepparttar 142870 size and shape of your windows:

1. Use Appropriate Window Coverings – When space is limited you want to maximize natural light, so choose pleated shades or a sheer silhouette. They take up less space when stacked than blinds. If a window is close to a corner and prevents you from stacking a drapery, consider a one-way draw torepparttar 142871 side away fromrepparttar 142872 corner.

2. Use Larger Draperies - Design and measure for draperies to hang aboverepparttar 142873 window and to reachrepparttar 142874 floor. Also extend drapery panels horizontally beyondrepparttar 142875 sides ofrepparttar 142876 window frame. This technique will increaserepparttar 142877 proportions of small windows and giverepparttar 142878 room a richer look.

3. Varyrepparttar 142879 Color Scheme - In a large room with multiple windows, blend and reverse colors on different windows. The contrast will breakrepparttar 142880 monotony and create a more interesting look.

When in doubt about your interior décor, hire a professional interior decorator. Their experience enables them to take care of every aspect ofrepparttar 142881 space and they will think of many details that you might miss. But whether you decide to hire a professional or to go it alone, I hoperepparttar 142882 techniques I’ve listed above will help you makerepparttar 142883 most of your living space. Your home is a very important place, so turn it into a cozy and comfortable space where you enjoy living!


Holly Linington is a designer and the owner of Planet Sofa. For over 15 years Planet Sofa has been providing customers with stylish, high quality furniture at affordable prices. They are committed to offering pieces that combine aesthetics and utility with ergonomics and comfort, and their products are available on the web.

The Importance of Background Checks

Written by Dani Martin

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According to Paul Falcone, author ofrepparttar book The Hiring and Firing, background checks serve many purposes: to enhance security inrepparttar 142862 workforce, to reduce turnover, to minimizerepparttar 142863 occurrence of employee theft and to leave you withrepparttar 142864 peace of mind that you have maderepparttar 142865 right decision inrepparttar 142866 hiring process. As a business owner, it is imperative to know who is working for you and what their background is. Employers should also include notice ofrepparttar 142867 types of background checks performed, in their pre-employment literature. Most employers do not haverepparttar 142868 time, resources or authority to complete such thorough investigations. In order to gain this peace of mind, it is necessary to hire a background investigation firm.

Several types of firms conduct background checks. They can range from a company who verifies employment history only, to an online data broker to a private investigator. Though background check prices can vary widely depending on need,repparttar 142869 average cost of an intermediate investigation seems to be inrepparttar 142870 $50 range. Business owners should consider this good practice and an inexpensive form of insurance for their company. Skimping on something as vitally important as a background investigation could possibly costrepparttar 142871 company much more inrepparttar 142872 long run.

i-BackgroundChecks.com is dedicated to providing comprehensive information on background checks, including criminal, employment, personal, online, executive and all other types. I-BackgroundChecks.com presents an accessible interface where users can determine what background check services are best suited to their needs.

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