Opposite ends of the Spectrum: Two Ways to use Google

Written by Daniel Brough

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Play to that, don’t deny it. Present your solution quickly and clearly. For example, if you’re running a pay-per-click ad for a flower-delivery website, assume thatrepparttar person who clicks on your ad wants and needs flowers. The landing page from your ad shouldn’t be to your homepage, or a page that tells about how you started your flower business, or a page that tells aboutrepparttar 128303 wonderful meanings of flowers. The landing page for a pay-per-click customer should be straight torepparttar 128304 point: “You want flowers? I’ve got flowers. Here’srepparttar 128305 incredible good price. Order here.”

Links from that page torepparttar 128306 rest of your wonderful site extolling allrepparttar 128307 virtues and nuances ofrepparttar 128308 flower business are fine, but they take second place in importance torepparttar 128309 primary purpose ofrepparttar 128310 surfer who clicks on your ad. They want something, or have a problem that needs to be solved. Don’t make them hunt for a solution; they’ll just click back to Google or Overture in disgust, and you’ll have paid forrepparttar 128311 click for nothing.

Some webmasters structure entire mini-sites just for their pay-per-click ads alone, which are only loosely connected torepparttar 128312 ‘main’ site. It’s a savvy way of doing business; you play to each audience specifically.

Just rememberrepparttar 128313 purpose of pay-per-click advertising. It’s a very direct, very quick method, and if you play torepparttar 128314 highly motivated and targeted audience you’ll receive, it can work powerfully in your favor.

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Press Releases: Anyone Else Want A #1 Ranking?

Written by Jessica Dolce

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You don't have to be a writer to put out a good press release. Just write in your own natural style,repparttar way you feel most comfortable and keep it short and simple. Your press release has to be newsworthy so make sure is NOT a blatant advertisement for what you are selling.

Your press release should also be properly formatted. To get a good idea on how to properly format your press release you can visit this link:


Once you are done writing your press release it's time to submit it torepparttar 128302 news wire services online. Many press release or wire services online charge you a fee. But there are also a few of them that you can submit to online at no cost.

Here are a few ofrepparttar 128303 sites you can submit your press release to at no charge:

http://www.prweb.com http://www.free-press-release.com/submit http:/www.dime-co.com/submitpress.html http://www.dbusiness.com/pressrelease.htm http://www.webazar.com/AddNews.asp

There you have it. This article isn't a complete guide by any means to writing press releases so you may want to go to your favorite search engine and do some research.

But hopefully, this article got you thinking "outsiderepparttar 128304 box" by writing and optimizing your press release forrepparttar 128305 search engines.

Well, what are you waiting for? Start including press releases in your marketing strategy today!

Who knows, you may even get a #1 ranking!

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