Opioid Pain Management and our Economy.

Written by Esther Watson

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In my opinion pain medications are recreational and I canít picture people using it for other reasons then pain or great discomfort. I do understand that people with emotional pain may be tempted to continue using these medications as narcotics also numb feelings and not only physical pain. Opium derivatives such as Hydrocodone have proven very effective against depression in various studies but use by such patients is only recommended under close supervision as they may quickly increase dosage or do things one would regret since depressed people may be suicidal or have suicidal thoughts.

I do not promote any form of illegal activity but I do strongly believe that pain patients haverepparttar right to proper pain relief. Although there are many people that obtain medications illegally it is a mistake to assume that all these medications are being abused or being used for recreational use.

Many patients that can not afford expensive clinics are treating their conditions with medications ordered onrepparttar 146646 internet without prescription or by using medical phone consultations whererepparttar 146647 doctor talks torepparttar 146648 patients and evaluatesrepparttar 146649 complaint. Usually this concerns patients that have been prescribed these treatments before but they can not affordrepparttar 146650 local pain clinic or doctor any longer.

Also non-addictive medications such as amoxicillin and others are often bought online to save money onrepparttar 146651 medication and consultation. Just because some substances are controlled does not mean that they are bought with intention of abuse. Another important factor isrepparttar 146652 convenience. If you have 2 kids to take care of and you need to work 60 hours per week to payrepparttar 146653 bills taking a day off is almost impossible, not to mention regular visits and check-ups.

There will always be people that abuse substances and those arerepparttar 146654 people that may cause problems and get inrepparttar 146655 news, yet millions of tablets and capsules are sold to legit pain patients from which you never hear anything negative as they often are respected members of our society.

In my humble opinionrepparttar 146656 most dangerous substance and biggest killer is alcohol; easily available in almost every supermarket at low prices destroying thousands of lives each year, yet werepparttar 146657 freedom to buy and consume alcohol without permission. Violence, liver disease, car accidents, death, heart attacks, strokes and broken families are only some ofrepparttar 146658 results of consistent alcohol abuse.

Cigarettes can be bought even though they harm your body and are likely to cause cancer over time. Why is it a crime for adults to obtain pain medication to improverepparttar 146659 quality of a life if we donít misbehave and are functional within society? People would be able to do their jobs better andrepparttar 146660 amount of Ďsick daysí would reduce savingrepparttar 146661 company money and improving economics in general.

In addition medication is functional whereas alcohol and cigarettes do not have any medical use and only cause damage to ones health. Restricting sales of pain and anxiety medication to legit adult patients by scaring doctors resulting in outrageous high prices for consultations and medications will only cause friction within our society and create a bigger distance betweenrepparttar 146662 poor andrepparttar 146663 rich.

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Ms. E. Watson is currently 34 years of age and has been writing content for health related websites since 2003. Ms. Watson has written her latest articles for FindRxOnline.com and can be contacted at ewatson@findrxonline.com

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Dehydration

Written by R. Amir Norris B.Sc.

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Drink at least half a pint of water one half hour before you eat. The water passes throughrepparttar stomach and intorepparttar 146645 intestine and within half an hour, it is secreted back intorepparttar 146646 stomach and intorepparttar 146647 mucous barrier. This barrier retainsrepparttar 146648 sodium bicarbonate that is required to neutralise acid as it attempts to pass throughrepparttar 146649 mucus. Those that are suffering from dehydration have inefficient mucous layers. The acid creeps through and causes pain.

Immune dysfunction Dehydration can result inrepparttar 146650 body producing excess histamine which can trigger allergies. This of course, interferes withrepparttar 146651 body's ability to resist infections, a common pattern with chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers.

So what is Dehydration? It's common for our bodies to experience dehydration when we have chronic fatigue syndrome. Dehydration can interfere with our natural thirst reflex - many who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome are dehydrated and don't even know it.

Our bodies are about 70% water. Vital organs likerepparttar 146652 kidneys, brain, and heart can't operate properly without a certain minimum of water and salt. Dehydration is caused by a loss of water and important blood salts like potassium and sodium.

When your body experiences dehydration, it results in subtle tension in your tissues, muscles and organs. This restricts blood flow. Because your blood flow is restricted, it becomes a dumping ground for toxicity. The result is that you feel as though you are hung over and your muscles ache...common to chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers.

How to get Hydrated You have probably heardrepparttar 146653 phrase 'hydration therapy'. There's nothing mysterious about it. It simply means increasing your intake of fresh clean water to avoid dehydration. This is so important for chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers.

When you drink sufficient water, blood flow is not restricted andrepparttar 146654 toxins can be flushed out of your tissues and into your blood stream. When you are in a state of dehydration, your urine is dark in colour. But when your liver and kidneys are processingrepparttar 146655 toxic waste and you are well hydrated, your urine is clear.

Experts say that an adult needs a minimum four pints of water for optimum efficiency. Dr. Batmangheldidj, author of Your Body's Many Cries for Water suggests that chronic fatigue syndrome is directly related to constant dehydration.

He states that drinking a minimum of eight large glasses of pure water a day will help to improverepparttar 146656 ravages of chronic fatigue syndrome. Only pure water will do. Other beverages like tea, coffee, fruit juices, alcohol and soft drinks are processed inrepparttar 146657 body as food and in some instances, can actually cause dehydration.

Start slowly with your re-hydration regimen and increase slowly over a few weeks to about 5 or 6 pints per day (providing you don't have kidney/renal problems) of non-carbonated water: bottled or filtered. You'll find yourself visitingrepparttar 146658 bathroom more frequently, but it does pay off. Your chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms will be less severe.

Summary Water is one ofrepparttar 146659 key ingredients for our bodies to work normally. It's essential to drink enough fresh clean water daily to prevent dehydration - especially when you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. So what are you waiting for?

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