Opinion on the Casio Exilim EX-Z750

Written by Rick Blythe

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Where I seerepparttar camera falling down is in two areas. The flash is definitely under-powered. Luckily I rarely use flash, I prefer natural light with correct white-balance. Secondly,repparttar 141488 CCD and metering combination often produce blown-out highlights. The live histogram helps here; you can dial in some EV compensation if you wish, but too many of my shots are having this problem. I can live with it in an ulta-compact though.

All-in-all, I love my little Casio EX-Z750. It's fast, feature packed, and has a very high toy factor to it!

Rick Blythe runs Better Digital Photography, a blog about digital photography.

Scrapbooking Yourself as an Individual, Homemaker, Worker and More

Written by Fion Lim

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  • Any pleasant and memorable memories with your colleagues orrepparttar people you've met at work?

  • What do you hope to accomplish in your job? What's your definition of work success and have you achievedrepparttar 141437 job success you're seeking for? Scrapbook about these too.


    "Inrepparttar 141438 pursuit to better ourselves we are sure to encounter failure. Going on after each failure is how character is built." - Allan L. Barr

    This is an interesting theme to explore and scrapbook about. You're unlikely to be stagnant and will undergorepparttar 141439 continual motion of change.

    Are you a person who believes in personal self-growth? Do you constantly seek out opportunities to reinvent your life and better yourself as a person?

    Then have a ball scrapbooking on these ideas!

  • What steps had you taken or are taking to reinvent yourself?

  • What aspects of your life do you most wish to change or reinvent? Describerepparttar 141440 times in your life where you've experiencedrepparttar 141441 greatest growth.

  • Describerepparttar 141442 toughest thing you've ever done, and would you have done it any differently now?

  • What failures have you gone through in life? What'srepparttar 141443 good things you've learned from your failures? Usually, failures offer you opportunities for growth.

  • How aboutrepparttar 141444 missed opportunities in your life. What other options did you take up instead? Would you have grabbedrepparttar 141445 missed opportunities on hindsight?

  • What arerepparttar 141446 best pieces of self-improvement advice you've receive from others?

  • Describe your ideal self. What arerepparttar 141447 qualities that your ideal self possesses? How would she behave and act?

    Dreamer "Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly." - Langston Hughes

    Do you still have dreams? Or are your dreams long-buried somewhere because you don't believe in having dreams anymore?

    Or are you too caught up with life to think about your dreams?

    I remember someone once mentioned that if we don't know what our dreams are, then how do we know we've reached them when we did? Isn't that an awakening statement?

    Like they said, we'll only pass by this life only once, so let's dig out your long forgotten dreams and make a leap for them.

    Here's some ideas to help you along in scrapping about your dreams.

  • Make a list ofrepparttar 141448 top 10 goals you'll like to accomplish this year. How aboutrepparttar 141449 top 20 dreams you'll like to see fulfilled in your lifetime? Somehow, seeing these goals on scrapbook pages clarifies them in your mind.

  • What arerepparttar 141450 sights that you most desire to see? Countries that you most want to travel to? China? Russia? Exotic Asia?

  • What hobbies or crafts you've been longing to learn or pick up? Professional photography? Card-making? Playing piano?

  • Any keep fit or weigh loss goals to work towards your dream figure? Toning up your flabby arms? Finally having a flat tummy?

  • What's your dream house like? Where will it be located? Who'll be living inrepparttar 141451 house with you? A white two-storey terrace house facingrepparttar 141452 beautiful, blue sea?

  • Any dreams of going back to school? What courses have you been thinking of taking up to upgrade yourself? A master degree? Learning to write effective sales copy?

  • What acts of generosity will you perform when you're rich with money? $100,000 to your favorite charity? An all-inclusive trip torepparttar 141453 Anguilla beaches for your whole family?

  • If you've failed in making your dreams come true inrepparttar 141454 past, why do you think you've failed then? What steps could you take to overcome these obstacles?

    My Favorites

    One ought every day at least to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and, if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    This theme is inspired byrepparttar 141455 song, "My Favorites Things" fromrepparttar 141456 classic movie, "The Sound of Music".

    You'll have unique and different tastes and styles fromrepparttar 141457 rest ofrepparttar 141458 population. Occasionally, you'll haverepparttar 141459 good fortune to find someone who shares similar favorite things.

    This is an absolutely fun theme to scrapbook about and yet it says so loudly of what you are.

  • Make a list of your top 25 favorite things in your life.

  • Favorite colors, movies, music, books, food, desserts, ice-cream, brand of apparel, hair shampoo, body lotion, restaurants, hangouts, quotes, poems, sayings, persons, authors, composers, bands, musicals, shoes, bags, etc. This list is practically endless.

  • Another method to help you narrow down is probably to think about what things you couldn't live without! ;-)

    Alright, hope that these themes have ignited your imagination for more themes to scrapbook about yourself.

    Happy scrapping!

    Fion Lim is the creator of Everything-About-Scrapbooking.com - Here's your how-to-guide to learning about scrapbooking. Find ideas for scrapbooking pages, tips, inspirations, articles and resources to quotes, poems and fonts right here.


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