Operating a small business WITHOUT accountants, lawyers etc...

Written by Steve Hartung

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It's simple and you can start today... By firing your lawyer(s), accountant(s), human resource managers, benefits manager, risk managers and information managers. Thats right, fire them! And outsource all of these tasks to a Professional Employment Organization! Or a P.E.O. for short.

A P.E.O. managesrepparttar "business of employees" so you can manage your business for bottom-line profits! If your competitor is already usingrepparttar 117890 services of a P.E.O., 35% to 45% of their time is spent earning profits and not dealing with employees. Is thatrepparttar 117891 type of competitor you want to go head to head with? The competitor with a huge advantage over you? I would tend to think NOT.

And your competitors employees are receiving fortune 500 quality health benefits that keeps them happy and onrepparttar 117892 job working hard while your employees, if lucky get low rated health benefits if any at all. Your competitor makes one phone call to one P.E.O. and EVERYTHING is taken care of. Period.

Of course there is so much more to a P.E.O. then could be explained here. So Im encouraging all small business owners who are looking forrepparttar 117893 21st century way of doing business to further educate yourselves by gettingrepparttar 117894 full details of how a P.E.O. can turn your sagging profits intorepparttar 117895 bottom-line gains we will all need to survive in these trying times.

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You Can Make Money in Your Own Internet Business

Written by Robert Imbriale

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If you're really creative, it's a good bet thatrepparttar media will pick up on your offer and you can end up with tens of thousands of dollars of free promotions.

5) Test and Refine Your Offer

Once you let enough people know about what you have, take a look at how many people saw your offer and then how many of those people actually bought what you offered. If you likerepparttar 117889 numbers, keep going. Buy more advertising, tell more ofrepparttar 117890 media, and keep on selling!

If, onrepparttar 117891 other hand, you were not entirely satisfied withrepparttar 117892 numbers, re-work your offer and then double-check your market and how you are reaching out to them. It could very well be that you haverepparttar 117893 right offer but are simply not reachingrepparttar 117894 right audience. Try a different market withrepparttar 117895 same offer, or try a new offer withrepparttar 117896 same market. It may take you a few tries to get it right, but it's well worthrepparttar 117897 effort! And I promise you that you will be happy withrepparttar 117898 results!

6) Deliver on Your Promises Promptly

Don't you just love to getrepparttar 117899 product or service that you ordered quickly, or at least know that it has been shipped promptly? Most of us do. When we buy, we are excited and can't wait to getrepparttar 117900 benefits of what we just purchased.

Your customers are no different. They want to know when they place an order with you that you will do your best to get them what they want as soon as possible. We all have stories of companies that took weeks to ship our order and we all know we won't be doing business with them again anytime soon, no matter how goodrepparttar 117901 offer may have been.

Whenrepparttar 117902 order reaches you, get inrepparttar 117903 habit of making it a priority to get it invoiced, packed and shipped. You'll create a very loyal client base that will buy from you again and again if you do what you say you will do in a prompt and courteous manner.

Your Success is Up to You!

It's not hard to build a successful business, whether you do it from your kitchen table,repparttar 117904 basement,repparttar 117905 garage, or an office space, you can be very successful if you follow a few simple rules.

I have helped thousands of people build successful businesses onrepparttar 117906 Internet and I know what it takes to really make a business profitable. It's actually quite simple; giverepparttar 117907 customer more than you promise in less time than you promise. In other words, "under promise and over deliver."

Just look at any company you consider a success and I'm sure you will find they follow these simple rules.

Robert Imbriale is an internationally known Internet Marketing Expert who has written several books including, "Internet Marketing Secrets" which you can get FREE by going to http://www.ultimatewealth.com. Robert is personally responsible for more than $100 million in Internet sales and holds seminars nationwide where he teaches entrepreneurs how to make money on the Internet. You may e-mail Robert at Robert@ultimatewealth.com

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