Open Your Unlimited Potential

Written by Mary Kay Buttery

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It is very important to be aware of our belief system at every moment, because it manifests whatever is in our lives. The mind, andrepparttar beliefs inrepparttar 147356 mind, are powerful! A person says to himself, "Oh I could never do that!" And life reacts... "Oh, he doesn't think he can do that," and life never presents it to him. And another person says, "Oh I can do this!" And it is easily presented to them. The words that we say and our actions arerepparttar 147357 effects of our belief system. This isrepparttar 147358 thinking that keeps us in a constant rut, and gives usrepparttar 147359 feeling that we are going no where in life. When we begin to let go of what no longer serves us we make room forrepparttar 147360 love, peace and joy that we have longed for .

One does not have to be taught or learn another form or technique. It is about choosing joy over fear, peace over turmoil, spirit over ego, and realize that when we do, we create an effortless and prosperous life.

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Being Independent, Not Keeping Down with the Joneses

Written by Debbie O'Meara

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In his highly motivating book “Prosperity”, Charles Fillmore writes:

There is a great similarity inrepparttar homes of nearly all people who have aboutrepparttar 147355 same-sized incomes…But here and there are exceptions. Someone is expressing his or her individuality…This free, independent spirit has much in its favor in making a prosperity demonstration. The delusion that it is necessary to be just like other people are or to have as much as other people have causes a spirit of anxiety that hindersrepparttar 147356 exercise of faith in demonstration.

We all know to fightrepparttar 147357 tendency to envy what our neighbors have. Here we call it “keeping up withrepparttar 147358 Joneses” – that feeling that ifrepparttar 147359 Jones family downrepparttar 147360 street got a new big-screen television set, we should get one too. But what aboutrepparttar 147361 urge to keep “down” withrepparttar 147362 Joneses? Is your circle of acquaintances subtly keeping you from looking ahead and thinking bigger? Are you choosing to let them? That’s not to say you need to give up your friends. But you can be open to more than what they see.

We’re lucky enough to live in societies that allow us our choices. What a waste it would be to not give ourselvesrepparttar 147363 chance to exercise them.

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